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Academic and Professional Awareness BUS168 Module
Accounting and Value Management BUSM071 Module
Accounting for Business BUS106 Module
Accounting for Business Models BUSM070 Module
Advanced Accounting for Business BUS216 Module
Advanced Corporate Reporting BUS360 Module
Advanced Management Accounting BUSM067 Module
Advertising BUS213 Module
Advertising and Media Strategies BUSM209 Module
AI for Business BUSM203 Module
Analytical Frontiers in Supply Chain Management BUSM226 Module
Applied Economics BUS128 Module
Applied Empirical Methods BUSM112 Module
Applied Methods (Master Class) BUSM170 Module
Audit and Assurance BUS354 Module
Audit and Assurance Services BUS273F Module
Backstage: Global Marketing Strategies for the Creative Industries BUSM241 Module
Behavioural Finance and Decision Making BUSM085 Module
Blockchain for Social Impact: Democracy and Governance BUSM197 Module
Blockchain Regulation and the Law BUSM196 Module
Blockchain, Innovation and Transparency BUSM195 Module
Brand Management BUSM026 Module
Brand Storytelling in the Digital Age BUSM210 Module
Business Analytics BUS029 Module
Business and History BUS262 Module
Business and Social Approaches to Social Media - Opportunities and Issues BUS321 Module
Business and Society BUS107 Module
Business and Society: The Changing World of Work SUM401A Module
Business Computing BUS337 Module
Business Digital Analytics BUSM211 Module
Business Ethics in Digital Economy BUSM194 Module
Business in Social and Historical Context BUS130 Module
Business Law BUS205 Module
Business Models and Company Valuation BUSM243 Module
Business Simulation BUS366 Module
Business Strategy and Technology BUS274F Module
Business to Business and Relationship Marketing BUS335 Module
Capital Markets and Securities BUS148 Module
Capstone Project in Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics BUSM221 Module
Climate Change Risk for Business BUSM238 Module
Community Project BUS162 Module
Company Valuation BUS331 Module
Comparative Employment Relations BUSM016 Module
Complex Networks and Innovation BUSM132 Module
Complex Networks for Environmental Economics BUSM233 Module
Consumer and Digital Cultures BUSM204 Module
Consumer Psychology BUS318 Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting BUSM061 Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Ethics BUS365 Module
Contemporary Legal Issues in Business Management BUS142 Module
Contemporary Marketing Management BUSM242 Module
Contemporary Strategic Analysis BUS359 Module
Continued Professional Development and Academic Skills Workshops for MSc International Human Resource Management & Emplo BUSM156 Module
Corporate Finance and Strategy BUS225 Module
Corporate Finance for Managers BUSM030 Module
Corporate Financial Management BUS341 Module
Corporate Financial Reporting BUS241 Module
Corporate Governance BUSM060 Module
Corporate Governance and Accountability BUS334 Module
Corporate Law and Governance BUS329 Module
Corporate Reporting BUSM113 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics BUSM175 Module
Corporate Strategy and Environmental Change BUS268 Module
Corporations and Social Responsibility BUS237 Module
Creative Brand Marketing BUS348 Module
Creative Industries BUS233 Module
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming BUSM192 Module
Cultural and Creative Industries and the Environment BUSM200 Module
Cultural Production in a Changing World BUSM199 Module
Current Challenges in Business and Management I BUS156 Module
Current Challenges in Business and Management II BUS157 Module
Data Analytics I (Introduction to AI) BUSM234 Module
Data Analytics II (AI for Climate Change) BUSM235 Module
Data Science: Methods and Applications BUSM193 Module
Demand Forecasting and Pricing Analytics BUSM228 Module
Digital Business BUS379 Module
Digital Economy, Big Data and Platformization BUSM205 Module
Digital Innovations in Business and Society BUSM219 Module
Digital Marketing BUS345 Module
Digital Marketing BUSM099 Module
Doing Business in Emerging Markets BUS266 Module
Economics for Business BUS017 Module
Economics for Business and Society BUS108 Module
Economics for Business Management BUS137 Module
Economics of Development BUSM073 Module
Employment Relations BUS320 Module
Entrepreneurship BUS025 Module
Entrepreneurship BUSM134 Module
Entrepreneurship for Digital Technologies BUSM202 Module
Environmental Analytics for Supply Chains BUSM223 Module
Environmental Health and Policy: Applications in Developing Economies BUSM232 Module
European Business Context BUS244 Module
Evidence-based Human Resource Management BUSM136 Module
Experiments for Business and Analytics BUSM160 Module
Financial Accounting BUS021 Module
Financial Analysis and Management Accounting BUSM107 Module
Financial Institutions BUS201 Module
Financial Institutions Management BUS271 Module
Financial Management BUS306 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions BUS340 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions BUSM072 Module
Financial Reporting BUSM054 Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA) BUSM244 Module
Financial Reporting for Business BUS275F Module
Financial Risk Management (FRM) BUSM245 Module
Financial Technology BUSM218 Module
Financial Techonology and Accounting BUSM201 Module
Firm Governance and Strategy in the Institution Context BUS338 Module
Foundations of Assurance BUS165F Module
Foundations of Assurance BUS165 Module
Foundations of Finance BUS149F Module
Foundations of Finance BUS149 Module
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting BUS261 Module
Fundamentals of International Business BUS158 Module
Fundamentals of Management BUS001 Module
Fundamentals of Management (for Science & Engineering) BUS024 Module
Fundamentals of Management Studies and Skills BUS141 Module
Fundamentals of Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analytics BUS159 Module
Funding and Financing in the Creative and Cultural Industries BUSM161 Module
Fundraising Management BUS355 Module
Gender at Work BUS349 Module
Global Business and Democracy BUS352 Module
Global Environmental Change: Economics and Policy BUSM230 Module
Global Marketing and Communications BUSM206 Module
Global Supply Chain Analytics BUS367 Module
Global Supply Chain Management BUSM091 Module
Global Supply Chains BUS326 Module
Governance and Regulatory Environment BUS252 Module
Heritage: History, Theory and Practice BUSM162 Module
Human Resource Management BUSM110 Module
Human Resource Management BUS014 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship BUS300 Module
Innovation and Global Competition BUSM177 Module
Integrated Digital Communications and Campaigning BUSM212 Module
Integrative Work-Based Project BUS356 Module
International Business BUS304 Module
International Business Analysis BUSM114 Module
International Business in the Digital Age BUSM181 Module
International Business Strategy BUSM089 Module
International Corporate Reporting BUS224 Module
International Finance BUSM115 Module
International Financial Accounting BUS238 Module
International Financial Management BUS353 Module
International Investment Analysis BUSM185 Module
International Macroeconomics and Finance BUSM041 Module
International Marketing BUS227 Module
International Reward Management BUSM049 Module
Introduction to Blockchain and Digital Economy BUSM189 Module
Introduction to Coding with Python BUSM190 Module
Introduction to Creative Industries and Arts Organisation BUSM171 Module
Introduction to Economics BUS163 Module
Introduction to Finance BUS245 Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting BUS139F Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting BUS139 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting BUS140F Module
Introduction to Management Accounting BUS140 Module
Introduction to Management Science BUSM224 Module
Introduction to Marketing and Communications BUS101 Module
Introduction to Marketing Management BUSM137 Module
Introduction to Marketing Theory and Concepts BUSM094 Module
Introduction to Statistics BUS160 Module
Introduction to Supply Chain and Operations Analysis BUSM222 Module
Law for Accounting BUS166 Module
Law for Accounting BUS166F Module
Leadership in the Social and Public Sectors BUSM149 Module
Leadership Seminar BUSM167 Module
Leadership Skills for Business Analytics BUSM139 Module
Leading Organisational Change BUSM108 Module
Machine Learning and Digital Technology BUS265 Module
Macroeconomics Modelling and Policy BUS330 Module
Macroeconomics of Climate Change BUSM231 Module
Management Accounting for Decision Making BUS239 Module
Management Control BUSM116 Module
Managerial Accounting BUS022 Module
Managerial Economics BUSM051 Module
Managing and Leading Community Projects BUS161 Module
Managing Diversity BUS305 Module
Managing Diversity BUSM017 Module
Managing Diversity in Business: Creating and Leading Inclusive Organisations SUM502A Module
Managing Heritages at Historic Royal Palaces BUSM164 Module
Managing Public Services BUS328 Module
Managing Under Regulation BUS249 Module
Managing Yourself and Building Positive Relationships at Work BUSM182 Module
Marketing BUS011 Module
Marketing Arts and Culture for Social Change BUSM240 Module
Marketing Principles BUS136 Module
Master Projects in Environmental Analytics BUSM236 Module
Masterclass in Business Analytics BUSM131 Module
Mentoring and Coaching BUS344 Module
Micro & Behavioural Foundations of Climate Change BUSM237 Module
Microeconomics for Managers BUS208 Module
Multinationals and Global Business BUSM028 Module
Networked and Influencer Marketing BUSM207 Module
New Product Development BUS350 Module
New Product Development and Business Ecosystems BUSM084 Module
Operations Management BUS002 Module
Organisation and Identity BUS302 Module
Organisation Studies BUS133 Module
Organisational Behaviour BUSM069 Module
Organisational Behaviour BUS269 Module
Organisational Change and Development BUS317 Module
Organisational Learning in the Workplace BUS221 Module
Organising in the Creative and Cultural Industries BUSM165 Module
People Analytics: Strategy and Practice BUSM188 Module
Persuasive Strategies in Marketing BUS220 Module
Politics, Advocacy and Influencing Change BUS253 Module
Practices and Organisation in Accounting and Finance (POAF) BUSM246 Module
Principles of Evidence-Based Management BUS362 Module
Principles of Taxation BUS167F Module
Principles of Taxation BUS167 Module
Professional Development 1 BUS169 Module
Professional Development 2 BUS272 Module
Professional Practice in Creative Industries and Arts Organisation BUSM172 Module
Professional Practice in Heritage Management BUSM166 Module
Project Management BUS027 Module
Project Management BUSM141 Module
Quantitative Analysis for Business BUS135 Module
Quantitative Analytics BUS260 Module
Quantitative Methods BUS164 Module
Quantitative Research Methods BUSM014 Module
Relationship and Network Marketing BUSM096 Module
Research Methodology BUS007 Module
Research Methods for Accounting BUSM143 Module
Research Methods for Human Resources Management BUSM144 Module
Research Methods for Management BUSM145 Module
Research Methods for Marketing BUSM098 Module
Resourcing and Talent Management BUSM198 Module
Responsible Leadership BUS243 Module
Risk and Crisis Management BUSM117 Module
Risk Management BUS378 Module
Sector and Organisational Understanding BUS254 Module
Selected Issues in Commercial and Company Law BUSM179 Module
Services Management BUSM183 Module
Services Marketing BUS240 Module
Skills and Methods for Sustainable Management BUSM249 Module
Social and Environmental Accounting BUS363 Module
Social and Political Marketing BUSM095 Module
Social and Sustainable Innovation BUSM146 Module
Social Entrepreneurship BUSM220 Module
Social Impact and Evaluation BUS357 Module
Social Marketing for Social Justice BUSM213 Module
Social Network Analysis BUS346 Module
Startups and Incubators BUS342 Module
Strategic Analysis BUSM147 Module
Strategic Analysis and Practice BUS371 Module
Strategic Entrepreneurship BUSM186 Module
Strategic Management BUSM086 Module
Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases BUS361 Module
Strategic Marketing BUS226 Module
Strategic Marketing BUSM208 Module
Supply Chain Planning and Control BUSM225 Module
Sustainability Challenges BUSM239 Module
Sustainability Marketing, Ethics and CSR BUSM214 Module
Sustainability Reporting (SR) BUSM247 Module
Sustainable Finance BUSM217 Module
Sustainable Finance and ESG Performance BUSM229 Module
Tax Compliance BUS277F Module
Taxation BUS250 Module
The Global Economy BUSM022 Module
The Management of Human Resources BUS324 Module
The Political Economy of Global Environmental Change BUS368 Module
The Roots of Blockchain's Social Justice Potential BUSM191 Module
Transportation and Logistics Analytics BUSM227 Module
Understanding Consumer Behaviour BUSM058 Module
Volunteering and Practical Social Action BUS358 Module
Volunteering and Social Action - Theory and Learning BUS255 Module
Work and Employment BUS124 Module
Work and Employment in Context BUS132 Module
Working with Business Data BUS267 Module
World Economy and Development BUSM090 Module

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