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Academic and Clinical Skills 1 SNU105 Module
Academic and Clinical Skills 2 SNU211 Module
Academic Skills in Mental Health Sciences I PSY711P Module
Academic Skills in Mental Health Sciences II PSY713P Module
Advanced Biochemical Research Methods BIO491P Module
Advanced Biochemical Research Methods BIO491 Module
Advanced Human Genetic Disorders BIO324 Module
Advanced Immunology BMD351 Module
Advanced Research Methods and Statistics PSY702P Module
AI and Data Analytics in Ecology and Evolution BIO728P Module
AI and Data Analytics in Physiology and Biomedicine BIO729P Module
AI and Data Science in Biology BIO720P Module
Basic and Applied Pharmacology SNU212 Module
Basic Biochemistry BIO161 Module
Basic Immunology SNU207 Module
Basic Immunology BMD251 Module
Basic Medical Genetics SNU106 Module
Basics of Biopsychology PSY721P Module
Behavioural Ecology BIO311 Module
Biochemistry Communication BIO301 Module
Biochemistry Communication BIO202 Module
Biochemistry MSci Research Project BIO790 Module
Biodiversity and Conservation Field Course BIO775P Module
Biodiversity Loss - Challenges and Solutions BIO774P Module
Biodiversity Survey and Spatial Analysis BIO789P Module
Bioinformatics Software Development Group Project BIO727P Module
Biomarkers in Neuroscience BMD365 Module
Biomedical Neuroscience BMD325 Module
Biomedical Pharmacology BMD225 Module
Biomedical Physiology I - Exchange, Movement and Integration BMD121 Module
Biomedical Physiology II - Cardiovascular and Respiratory BMD221 Module
Biomedical Sciences Research Project SNU301 Module
Biomolecules of Life BMD123 Module
Brain and Behaviour PSY121 Module
Business Psychology PSY318 Module
Cancer Biology SNU306 Module
Cancer Biology BMD381 Module
Case-based Biomedical Sciences BMD202 Module
Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics SNU208 Module
Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics BIO213 Module
Cells BIO116 Module
Cells BMD116 Module
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience BMD261 Module
Cellular Pathology and Blood Science BMD321 Module
Classic Papers and Current Topics in Pharmacology BMD377 Module
Climate Change and Conservation Challenges BIO343 Module
Clinical Chemistry SNU214 Module
Clinical Microbiology BMD231 Module
Clinical Pharmacology and the Assessment of Drug Safety BMD273 Module
Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs BMD378 Module
Coding for Bioscientists BIO722P Module
Coding for Scientists BIO723P Module
Coding Skills and Data Science BIO319 Module
Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience PSY323 Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: An Introduction PSY324 Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: An Introduction PSY722P Module
Cognitive Neuroscience PSY705P Module
Cognitive Psychology PSY723P Module
Cognitive Psychology PSY211 Module
Cognitive Psychology PSZ211 Module
Comparative & Integrative Physiology BIO215 Module
Comparative Psychology PSY235 Module
Conservation and Ecosystem Science BIO745P Module
Conservation and Restoration in Practice BIO790P Module
Counselling Psychology PSY329 Module
Criminal and Forensic Psychology PSY314 Module
Cyberpsychology PSY312 Module
Developmental Approaches in Mental Health PSY732P Module
Developmental Biology and Cell Signalling SNU307 Module
Developmental Psychology PSY724P Module
Developmental Psychology PSY223 Module
Diversity of Life BIO212 Module
Drug Design BMD358 Module
Drug Target and Identification BMD275 Module
Ecological Interactions I BIO234 Module
Ecological Interactions II BIO294 Module
Ecology BIO123 Module
Ecology and Evolutionary Genomics Group Project BIO733P Module
Ecosystem Function and Assessment BIO772P Module
Ecosystem Structure and Functioning BIO737P Module
Emotion PSY127 Module
Endocrine Physiology and Biochemistry BMD311 Module
Endocrine Physiology and Biochemistry SNU303 Module
English 1a NNC157 Module
English 1b NNC158 Module
Environmental Psychology PSY330 Module
Enzyme Catalysis BIO365 Module
Essential Biochemistry for Human Life BMD223 Module
Essential Biochemistry for Medicine SNU213 Module
Essential Skills for Biochemists BIO101 Module
Essential Skills for Biologists BIO100 Module
Essential Skills for Biomedical Scientists BMD100 Module
Essential Skills for Psychologists PSY100 Module
Evolution BIO113 Module
Exploring Neuroscience BMD161 Module
Exploring Psychology I PSY124 Module
Exploring Psychology II PSY125 Module
Extended Essay in Psychology PSY606 Module
Field Study Skills in a Biodiversity Hotspot BIO778P Module
Functional Genomics and Epigenetics BIO327 Module
Functional Neuroanatomy BMD163 Module
Fundamentals of Neurobiology SNU209 Module
Fungal Taxonomy and Diversity BIO743P Module
Genes and Bioinformatics BIO223 Module
Genetics BMD164 Module
Genome Bioinformatics BIO721P Module
Health Psychology PSY216 Module
Health Psychology PSZ216 Module
Histology and Histopathology NNC159 Module
Human Anatomy BMD113 Module
Human Anatomy SNU103 Module
Human Genetic Disorders BIO227 Module
Human Genetics and Genomics SNU305 Module
Human Molecular Biology BMD211 Module
Individual Differences PSY233 Module
Individual Differences PSY725P Module
Infectious Disease Biology BIO214 Module
Infectious Diseases BMD323 Module
Introduction to Biopsychology PSY117 Module
Introduction to Pharmacology BMD171 Module
Investigative Skills for the Biomedical Sciences SNU309 Module
Mammals and Evolution BIO331 Module
Medical Microbiology NNC253 Module
Membrane and Cellular Biochemistry BIO263 Module
Membrane Proteins BIO361 Module
Mental Health in Context PSY733P Module
Metabolic Pathways BIO265 Module
Microbial Physiology and Growth BIO231 Module
Molecular Basis of Disease BIO363 Module
Molecular Basis of Personalised Medicine BMD383 Module
Molecular Clinical Microbiology SNU204 Module
Molecular Genetics BIO163 Module
MSc Biomedical Sciences Literature Review BMD701P Module
Nature, Nurture and Mental Health PSY333 Module
Neuroscience: from Molecules to Behaviour BIO333 Module
Overseas field trip: Terrestrial Ecology and Conservation BIO798P Module
Overseas field trip: Conservation and Habitat Restoration BIO796P Module
Overseas field trip: Marine Ecology and Conservation BIO797P Module
Pathology SNU314 Module
Perspectives on Brain Disorders BMD369 Module
Physiology NNC156 Module
Physiology BIO125 Module
Plant Taxonomy and Diversity BIO741P Module
Population and Chromosome Genetics BIO325 Module
Post-Genomic Bioinformatics BIO725P Module
Practical Biochemistry BIO198 Module
Practical Biology BIO192 Module
Practical Molecular and Cellular Biology BIO190 Module
Precision Medicine SNU310 Module
Problems and Analysis in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation BIO788P Module
Professional Skills and Development for Biologists BIO329 Module
Project: Engaging the Public with Science BMD606 Module
Protein Structure, Folding and Assemblies BIO367 Module
Psychiatric Genetics and Genomics PSY706P Module
Psychology MSc Research Project PSY700P Module
Psychology of Emotion PSZ127 Module
Psychology of Individual Differences PSZ233 Module
Psychology of Play and Games PSY337 Module
Psychology Research Project PSY720P Module
Psychopathology PSY253 Module
QMUL-Nanchang Joint Programme Summer Module SNU001 Module
Receptors and Mechanisms of Cell Signalling BMD373 Module
Repair and Regeneration in the Nervous System BMD361 Module
Reproductive and Development Biology BIO337 Module
Research Design and Analysis BMD205 Module
Research Frontiers in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation BIO771P Module
Research Frontiers of AI in the Biosciences BIO734P Module
Research Methods and Communication BIO209 Module
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology I PSY727P Module
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology II PSY209 Module
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology II PSY728P Module
Research Methods in Psychology I PSY108 Module
Research Project in Neuroscience BMD650 Module
Research Skills for Pharmacologists BMD175 Module
Savannah Ecology and Conservation BIO392 Module
Science into Policy & Management BIO739P Module
Social Development PSY339 Module
Social Psychology PSY726P Module
Social Psychology PSY215 Module
Social-Environmental Influences on Mental Health and Well-Being PSY704P Module
Spatial Analysis and Emerging Technologies in Conservation BIO779P Module
Sport and Exercise Psychology PSY336 Module
Statistics and Bioinformatics BIO781P Module
Statistics and Data Analysis BIO773P Module
Statistics for Bioinformaticians BIO782P Module
Statistics for Biologists BIO724P Module
Statistics in Psychology I PSY107 Module
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine BMD363 Module
Systems Neuroscience BMD265 Module
Techniques for Biological and Chemical Sciences BIO269 Module
Techniques in Biomedical Sciences SNU205 Module
The Business of Pharmacology BMD271 Module
The Human Cell SNU101 Module
The Microbial World and Humans BMD117 Module
Tissue Biology BMD181 Module
Translational Mental Health Sciences II PSY703P Module
Translational Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics BMD375 Module
Unix and Analysis of Large Genomic Datasets BIO726P Module
Working with Vulnerable Groups PSY326 Module

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