Tropical forests are the most biodiverse terrestrial habitats on Earth and their loss is of exceptional conservation concern. This overseas field course will take place at a remote field station in pristine rainforest in Borneo, where students will gain first-hand experience of rainforest biodiversity and ecology. In addition, students will learn about the threats facing this unique biome,including logging and the expansion of oil palm, and the conservation efforts underway to restore forest habitats. Practical activities will include camera trapping, acoustic monitoring, insect sampling and bat trapping, night safaris, and forest walks, with good chances of seeing iconic species such as gibbon and orang-utan. Students will carry out independent research projects, allowing them to consolidate newly-acquired skills with knowledge gained from the wider programme. We reserve the right to change or cancel this module, especially in the event that (and not restricted to): (1) field or environment conditions at the field site are unsafe, (2) there are unforeseen travel restrictions, e.g. due to a pandemic or political unrest, as advised by the UK Government, (3) the country has visa or quarantine problems, or, (4) there are too few students interested in taking this module (i.e. <5). If any of these problems arise such that the field trip has to be cancelled, suitable alternative arrangements will be made.

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