This module is only available to students who enter under the B990 programme. Prerequisites: The Microbial World and Humans (SBC211). In this module you will acquire a basic understanding of modern medical microbiology. You will study the processes by which microorganisms cause human disease, how the pathogens can be identified, and what steps can be taken for the prevention and treatment of infections. There will be a particular emphasis on the development of observational, practical and analytical skills through laboratory work and demonstrations. Your topics will include: pathogens and their interaction with the human host, covering bacteria, protists and viruses and including mechanisms of infection, mechanisms of defense, antibiotic action and antibiotic resistance, the transmission of disease, including public health microbiology, the prevention of infection in hospitals and in the community, and a review of newly emerging diseases. You will be provided with a catalogue of microbial diseases, including infections of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, the nervous system and wounds.

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