In the early stages of the MSc Biomedical Sciences the student will undertake a literature review surrounding the research project they are to undertake. The module involves the production of a report, ~5000 words. The report will contain five elements. i) A title of the students future dissertation in a relevant area of Biomedical Research. ii) A description of the general background to the relevant research field. iii) A comprehensive literature review of the specific research topic. iv) A very brief research proposal suitable for a PhD research project will be outlined, with a focus on the first year of the research program. v) Finally a short formal talk will be presented to a specialist audience summarizing their literature review and can include a "Research Pitch" . This compulsory 15 credit module will involve regular one-to-one meetings with the project supervisor(s) and should be completed within the first ten weeks (in semester 1).

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