You will learn the importance of tropical rainforest conservation and in particular the role of habitat restoration in maintaining and improving ecosystem services. You will learn a range of methods for collecting data through field surveys, specifically in relation to ongoing habitat restoration. There will be visits to primary forest, forest that has been logged with varying intensities, forests fragments, and areas converted to agriculture. These visits will also showcase the different method of forest restoration that are taking place in these landscapes. There will also be visits to the nurseries and living collections that are providing resources for enrichment planting. We reserve the right to change or cancel this module, especially in the event that (and not restricted to): (1) field or environment conditions at the field site are unsafe, (2) there are unforeseen travel restrictions, e.g. due to a pandemic or political unrest, as advised by the UK Government, (3) the country has visa or quarantine problems, or, (4) there are too few students interested in taking this module (i.e. <5). If any of these problems arise such that the field trip has to be cancelled, suitable alternative arrangements will be made. You will study strategies for ecosystem-based restoration, how restoration can alleviate impacts of climate change and the biodiversity crisis, and how to address socio-economic challenges brought about by habitat restoration to local communities. You will be equipped with knowledge including how to identify restoration opportunities, how to carry out rapid biodiversity assessments, and strategies for mitigating any negative impacts of restoration. The field course will include talks from relevant researchers, stakeholders, and policy makers all of whom are involved with local restoration initiatives. Your activities will include group field exercises, group-based mini-projects and analysis as well as the presentation of resulting data, both through write-ups and oral presentations.

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