The module introduces students to state-of-the-art research in biomedical sciences. Students will conduct their own original experimental investigation involving laboratory work and/or computational work in some aspect of biomedical science. The background, results and conclusions of the study will be reported in the form of a thesis (Project report), submitted toward the end of Semester B. The project report is the major element of coursework and will not exceed 5,000 words, and be written in the style of a PLOS ONE paper, to include a review of relevant literature, methods, data presentation, analysis and discussion. Minor elements of coursework include a draft introduction, presentation and NCU supervisor feedback on student performance. The draft introduction to the project will be submitted during Sem A. An oral presentation followed by questioning from QM examiners takes place at the beginning of semester B and there is a contribution to the module assessment based on NCU supervisor¿s feedback and inspection of student lab books. The main weight of marks however resides from the detailed project report or thesis presenting the findings from students individual projects

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