This module will further develop students┬┐ core productive academic and clinical skills, as well as their ability to be critical and reflective in their approach to study. For academic skills, the emphasis of the module will be on generic transferable study skills e.g. information-seeking, oral and written communication. This will be promoted by the further development of clinical skills alongside, by drawing from scientific modules on the JP. Performance in team-work and in self-managed tasks will be developed. In particular, students will be encouraged to evaluate, reflect upon and manage their own learning and to enhance their capacity for self-development, essential skills required for successful progression throughout both degrees and beyond.

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Academic Skills 2 - 2023/24 Academic Year 2023-2024 Academic Year 29/09/2023 10:56:54
Academic Skills 2 - 2023/24 Academic Year 2024-2025 Academic Year 13/06/2024 12:36:29
Nanchang Joint Programme Clinical Skills 2023-2024 Academic Year 31/10/2023 13:24:07
Nanchang Joint Programme Clinical Skills 2024-2025 Academic Year 13/06/2024 11:41:57