This module introduces students to the fundamental concepts in the psychological study of online behaviour, the psychological processes associated with human interactions with the Internet and emerging technologies, as well as the application of this knowledge in a wide variety of sectors. Studying and understanding human behaviour in relation to technology is vital, as people interact with cyberspace more and more everyday. Therefore, understanding the application of psychology in modern practices, for example why people behave differently when they go online than they do in real life, displaying different personalities in cyberspace is important. This module will build upon existing student knowledge from modules in the BSc Psychology curricumum, such as Social Psychology and Individual Differences. It will include topics such as: the presentation of the self online, the relationship between personality and behaviour online, romance online, as well as the psychological impact of certain behaviours online leading to victimisation and internet addiction. In addition, research will be explored on artificial psychology and the role of ethics in human-computer interaction.

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