The module focuses on the evolution, ecology, and conservation of sea turtles (mostly loggerhead turtles), cetaceans (whales and dolphins), and elasmobranch (rays and sharks). This module is design to engage with activities undertaken by NGOs to protect marine species. As much as possible we will integrate local NGOs and conduct research activities which are part of their daily routine. We will discuss and demonstrate tracking solutions to follow those cryptic species including GSM/Satellite relayed trackers as well as the use of drones. As much as possible we will try and spend time in boats surveying those cryptic species. Typically the second week of the field course will be dedicated to night work to work on sea turtles (sampling for isotopes and DNA studies). There will be extra lecture material given over the duration of the field course. Lastly, we will also engage with public engagement activities in the local communities as it is part of the day-to-day conservation efforts. We reserve the right to change or cancel this module, especially in the event that (and not restricted to): (1) field or environment conditions at the field site are unsafe, (2) there are unforeseen travel restrictions, e.g. due to a pandemic or political unrest, as advised by the UK Government, (3) the country has visa or quarantine problems, or, (4) there are too few students interested in taking this module (i.e. <5). If any of these problems arise such that the field trip has to be cancelled, suitable alternative arrangements will be made.

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