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3D Graphics Programming Tools EBU7405 Module
5G Mobile and Beyond ECS7021U Module
5G Mobile and Beyond ECS7021P Module
Ad Hoc and Broadband Wireless EBU721U Module
Ad Hoc Networks EBU5211 Module
Advanced Control Systems ECS778P Module
Advanced Control Systems ECS654U Module
Advanced Group Project ECS7019U Module
Advanced Mathematics 1 BBC4911 Module
Advanced Mathematics 2 BBC4921 Module
Advanced Network Programming EBU5042 Module
Advanced Transform Methods EBU6018 Module
Analogue Electronic Systems ECS409U Module
Aspects of Robotics (Robotics I) ECS426U Module
Business Technology Strategy ECS728A Module
C Programming ECS501U Module
Chinese Compulsory Topics BBF7000 Module
Cloud Computing EBU7501 Module
Communication Skills BBC4104 Module
Communication Systems Electronics EBU6444 Module
Communications and Networks ECS403U Module
Communications Systems ECS528U Module
Communications Systems ECS528P Module
Computational Game Design ECS7017P Module
Computer Crime EBU6009 Module
Computer Fundamentals and Programming BBC3502 Module
Computer Vision EBU7240 Module
Control Systems ECS601U Module
Control Theory EBU6503 Module
Creating Interactive Objects ECS511U Module
Cybersecurity Law EBU6007 Module
Data Structures BBU4208 Module
Database EBU5602 Module
Databases EBU5502 Module
Deep Learning for Audio and Music ECS7013P Module
Design and Build Project in Electronic Engineering ECS514U Module
Design and Build Project in Robotics Engineering (Robotics II) ECS526U Module
Digital Circuit Design EBU4202 Module
Digital Media and Social Networks ECS637U Module
Digital Signal Processing ECS602U Module
Digital Systems Design EBU6335 Module
Digital Systems Design ECS527U Module
Digital Systems Design EBU5335 Module
Discrete Mathematics BBC4114 Module
Discrete Techniques for Computing BBC4113 Module
e-Commerce Law EBU5027 Module
Electric and Hybrid Powertrain for Transport ECS662U Module
Electric and Magnetic Fields ECS504U Module
Electrical Machines and Systems ECS649U Module
Electrical Machines and Systems ECS790P Module
Electronic and Circuit Foundation BBC4931 Module
Electronic Devices and Applications ECS517U Module
Electronic Sensing ECS700P Module
Electronic Sensing ECS700U Module
Engineering Environment EBC6001 Module
Engineering Environment EBC6000 Module
Engineering Mathematics 2 BBC4111 Module
Engineering Skills and Practice ECS431U Module
Enterprise Management EBU5402 Module
Fundamentals of DSP ECS707P Module
Fundamentals of DSP ECS707U Module
Image and Video Processing EBU6230 Module
Image and Video Processing EBU723U Module
Information System Analysis ECS419U Module
Information System Analysis ECS419A Module
Information Systems Management EBU6610 Module
Integrated Circuit Design ECS617U Module
Intellectual Property Law EBU6016 Module
Intellectual Property Law EBU5016 Module
Interactive Media Design and Production EBU6305 Module
Interactive Media Design and Production ECS521U Module
Interactive Media Design and Production EBU5305 Module
Internet Applications BBU6404 Module
Internet Databases BBU5123 Module
Internet of Things Engineering Practice BBC6201 Module
Internet Protocols EBU5403 Module
Internet Protocols and Applications ECS524U Module
Introduction to Electronic Systems BBC4102 Module
Introductory Java Programming EBU4201 Module
IoT Product Development and Management EBU5607 Module
Linear Algebra BBC4913 Module
Logistics and Supply Chain Management EBU6609 Module
Machine Learning ECS708P Module
Machine Learning ECS708A Module
Machine Learning ECS708U Module
Microprocessor Systems Design ECS502U Module
Microprocessor Systems Design EBU6475 Module
Microprocessors for Embedded Computing EBU5476 Module
Microwave Electronics EBU6569 Module
Middleware EBU6501 Module
Mobile Services ECS725P Module
Modelling and Performance ECS660U Module
Modelling and Performance ECS7008U Module
Modelling and Performance ECS7008P Module
Multimedia Fundamentals EBU5303 Module
Multimedia Systems EBU706U Module
Music and Audio Programming ECS7012P Module
Music Informatics ECS7006P Module
Music Informatics ECS7006U Module
Networks and Protocols EBU5504 Module
Neural Networks and Deep Learning ECS659U Module
Neural Networks and Deep Learning ECS659P Module
Personal Development Plan 3 EBC5000 Module
Personal Development Plan and Entrepreneurial Skills 1 EBC3002 Module
Physics C BBC4924 Module
Physics D BBC4923 Module
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics BBC4943 Module
Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes BBC4941 Module
Product Development ECS622U Module
Product Development and Marketing EBU5606 Module
Professional and Research Practice ECS427W Module
Professional and Research Practice ECS427U Module
Programming Fundamentals BBU4161 Module
Programming Fundamentals for Engineers ECS429U Module
Project Management for Big Data Analysis ECS7015W Module
Project Risk Management ECS609U Module
Security and Authentication ECS726P Module
Security and Authentication ECS726U Module
Security and Authentication EBU7140 Module
Security Engineering ECS655U Module
Sensors and Radio Frequency Identification BBC5406 Module
Signals and Information ECS411U Module
Signals and Systems EBU4375 Module
Signals and Systems Theory ECS515U Module
Software Engineering EBU6304 Module
Sound Design ECS512U Module
Sound Recording and Production Techniques ECS749P Module
Sound Recording and Production Techniques ECS614U Module
Summer Internship ECS7200U Module
Telecommunications Systems EBU5302 Module
Wireless Networks BBU725U Module
Wireless Networks EBU7250 Module
Wireless Sensor Networks BBC6406 Module

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