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Advanced Asset Pricing and Modelling ECOM044 Module
Advanced Behavioural Finance ECOM102 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ECOM088 Module
Advanced Microeconomics ECN361 Module
Advanced Topics in Econometrics ECOM110 Module
Advanced Topics in Financial Economics ECOM111 Module
Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics ECOM112 Module
Advanced Topics in Microeconomics ECOM113 Module
Alternative Investments ECOM076 Module
Applied Asset Pricing ECOM152 Module
Applied Corporate Finance ECOM104 Module
Applied Econometrics ECN336 Module
Applied Econometrics (Macro and Finance) ECOM108 Module
Applied Econometrics (Micro) ECOM114 Module
Applied Finance with Eviews ECOM122 Module
Applied Finance with Eviews ECOM139 Module
Applied Future and Options ECOM064 Module
Applied Research Methods ECOM080 Module
Applied Risk Management ECOM059 Module
Applied Wealth Management ECOM079 Module
Asset Management ECOM057 Module
Asset Pricing, Trading, and Portfolio Construction ECOM155 Module
Banking Regulation ECOM069 Module
Behavioural Economics ECN374 Module
Behavioural Economics ECOM101 Module
Behavioural Finance ECOM038 Module
Behavioural Finance ECCL010 Module
Big Data Applications for Finance ECOM151 Module
Bond Market Strategies ECOM074 Module
Business Cycles ECN346 Module
Business Finance ECCL017 Module
Business Finance ECOM051 Module
Capital Markets 1 ECN226 Module
Career Success for Economics and Finance Students ECN002 Module
Cases in Business Finance ECOM070 Module
Cases in Corporate Finance ECOM143 Module
CFA Training ECOM092 Module
CFA Training ECOM106 Module
China and Global Financial Markets ECOM137 Module
Commercial and Investment Banking ECOM049 Module
Commercial and Investment Banking ECCL015 Module
Competition Policy and Regulations ECOM109 Module
Computational Methods in Macroeconomics ECN380 Module
Contemporary Economic Issues ECN105 Module
Contracts and Organisations ECOM103 Module
Corporate Finance ECOM140 Module
Corporate Finance ECN378 Module
Corporate Finance ECOM015 Module
Corporate Finance 1 ECN371 Module
Corporate Finance 2 ECN372 Module
Corporate Strategy ECN302 Module
Credit Ratings ECOM091 Module
Development Economics ECN370 Module
Development Economics ECOM081 Module
Dissertation 2017/18 ECOM107 Module
Econometrics 1 ECN224 Module
Econometrics 2 ECN225 Module
Econometrics A ECCL003 Module
Econometrics A ECOM003 Module
Econometrics B ECOM032 Module
Econometrics B ECCL007 Module
Econometrics for Finance ECOM072 Module
Econometrics for Finance ECOM141 Module
Economics and Finance in Action ECN126 Module
Economics in Action ECN125 Module
Economics of Social Issues ECN231 Module
Economics of Technology and Innovation ECN344 Module
Elements of Accounting ECN120 Module
Empirical Finance ECOM042 Module
Empirical Finance ECOM146 Module
Empirical Macroeconomics ECOM056 Module
Empirical Microeconomics ECOM089 Module
Environmental Economics ECN351 Module
Eviews ECOM096 Module
Eviews and Data Analysis for Research ECOM094 Module
Finance of Emerging Markets ECN376 Module
Financial Derivatives ECOM026 Module
Financial Derivatives ECCL014 Module
Financial Econometrics ECOM025 Module
Financial Economics ECCL020 Module
Financial Management ECCL021 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions ECN222 Module
Financial Modelling in Excel ECOM116 Module
Financial Statements ECOM052 Module
Foundations of Corporate Finance ECOM156 Module
Further Topics in Valuation ECOM154 Module
Futures and Options ECN358 Module
Game Theory SUM501B Module
Games and Strategies ECN214 Module
Health Economics ECN369 Module
History of Economic Thought ECN379 Module
History of Economic Thought ECN232 Module
Industrial Economics ECN331 Module
Industrial Organisation ECOM082 Module
Interest Rate Derivatives ECOM149 Module
International Economics ECOM124 Module
International Finance ECN209 Module
International Finance ECOM035 Module
International Finance ECCL008 Module
International Financial Strategy ECN377 Module
International Trade ECN228 Module
Investment Banking Law ECOM117 Module
Investment Management ECCL016 Module
Investment Management ECOM050 Module
Investments ECOM142 Module
Investments ECOM065 Module
Islamic Finance in Practice ECOM098 Module
Labour and Public Policy ECOM028 Module
Labour Economics ECCL006 Module
Labour Economics ECN356 Module
Law and Finance in Practice ECCL023 Module
Machine Learning Applications for Finance ECOM135 Module
Macroeconomic Policy ECN355 Module
Macroeconomics A ECOM001 Module
Macroeconomics A ECCL001 Module
Macroeconomics B ECOM009 Module
Macroeconomics B ECCL004 Module
Macroeconomics I ECN106 Module
Macroeconomics II ECN206 Module
Mathematical Methods in Economics and Business I (MMEB I) ECN114 Module
Mathematical Methods in Economics and Business II (MMEB II) ECN124 Module
Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance ECN115 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions ECOM095 Module
Microeconomics A ECCL002 Module
Microeconomics A ECOM002 Module
Microeconomics B ECOM010 Module
Microeconomics B ECCL005 Module
Microeconomics I ECN111 Module
Microeconomics II ECN211 Module
Money and Banking ECN205 Module
Personal and Career Development Plan 1 ECN004 Module
Political Economy ECOM125 Module
Political Economy ECN375 Module
Portfolio Construction Theory ECOM097 Module
Practical Valuation ECOM118 Module
Primary Markets and Securities ECOM119 Module
Principles of Accounting ECCL019 Module
Principles of Accounting ECOM058 Module
Principles of Behavioural Economics and Behavioural Finance ECOM145 Module
Principles of Corporate Finance ECOM144 Module
Principles of Economics ECN113 Module
Principles of Finance ECN103 Module
Private Equity and Venture Capital ECOM147 Module
Project Finance ECOM136 Module
Public Economics ECOM148 Module
Public Economics ECN352 Module
Qualitative Research Methods ECOM087 Module
Quantitative Methods in Finance ECCL011 Module
Quantitative Methods in Finance ECOM053 Module
Quantitative Techniques ECOM037 Module
Real Estate Finance ECOM138 Module
Regulating the Chinese Financial System ECOM157 Module
Risk and Regulation for International Banks ECOM134 Module
Risk Management for Banking ECCL018 Module
Risk Management for Banking ECOM055 Module
Selected Topics in Macroeconomics ECN223 Module
Spreadsheets and Data in Economics ECN112 Module
Statistical Methods in Economics ECN121 Module
Strategic Asset Allocation ECOM100 Module
Strategy, Leadership and Management of Investment Banking Firms ECOM120 Module
Structured Finance ECOM153 Module
Studying Economics and Finance ECN001 Module
Systematic Trading Strategies ECOM123 Module
Time Series Analysis ECOM014 Module
Topics in Actuarial Finance and Insurance ECOM078 Module
Topics in Econometrics ECOM085 Module
Topics in Econometrics ECN322 Module
Topics in Econometrics A ECOM126 Module
Topics in Econometrics B ECOM127 Module
Topics in Financial Econometrics ECOM073 Module
Topics in Financial Economics ECOM086 Module
Topics in Financial Economics A ECOM128 Module
Topics in Financial Economics B ECOM129 Module
Topics in Macroeconomics ECOM083 Module
Topics in Macroeconomics A ECOM130 Module
Topics in Macroeconomics B ECOM131 Module
Topics in Microeconomics ECOM084 Module
Topics in Microeconomics A ECOM132 Module
Topics in Microeconomics B ECOM133 Module
Valuation ECOM105 Module
Valuation and Private Equity ECOM077 Module
World Economy ECN102 Module

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