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Administrative Law LAW6166 Module
Advanced Tort Law LAW6167 Module
Advanced United Kingdom Human Rights Law LAW6020 Module
Animal Rights: Law, philosophy and comparative practice LAW6175 Module
Chinese Law and Institutions LAW6453 Module
Class Actions and Collective Redress LAW6168 Module
Climate Justice LAW6179 Module
Commercial and Consumer Law LAW6028 Module
Company Law LAW6036 Module
Comparative Constitutional Law LAW6160 Module
Comparative Law LAW6164 Module
Competition Law LAW6048 Module
Competition Law A LAW6048A Module
Contemporary Issues in Law and Business LAW4010 Module
Contract Law I: Formation and Vitiation LAW4104 Module
Contract Law II: Terms, Breach and Remedies LAW4105 Module
Corporate Insolvency Law LAW6158 Module
Criminal Law (Level 5) LAW5005 Module
Criminal Sentencing LAW6169 Module
Criminology LAW6045 Module
Cultural Diversity and Law LAW6458 Module
Democracy and Justice LAW6154 Module
Employment Law: Tribunal Practice and Procedure LAW6027 Module
Equality and the Law LAW6061 Module
Equity and Trusts LAW5003 Module
Equity and Trusts (Level 6) LAW6056 Module
European Union Law LAW4009 Module
Family Law LAW6031 Module
Family Law A LAW6031A Module
Global Criminology: Global Crime, Punishment and Justice LAW6173 Module
Global Law and Governance LAW6454 Module
Health Law LAW6163 Module
Intellectual Property - Copyright and Related Rights LAW6455 Module
Intellectual Property - Industrial Property LAW6456 Module
International Environmental Law LAW6459 Module
International Human Rights Law LAW6034 Module
Introduction to French Private Law LAW6202 Module
Introduction to French Public Law LAW6201 Module
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory LAW6021 Module
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory (Paris) LAW6621 Module
Labour Law: Contract Law, Dismissal Rights and Workplace Justice LAW6159 Module
Land Law LAW4006 Module
Law and Globalisation LAW6463 Module
Law and Pharmacology LAW6170 Module
Law and Religion LAW6460 Module
Law in Asia LAW6461 Module
Law in Context LAW4008 Module
Law of Evidence LAW6037 Module
Law of the European Union LAW5105 Module
Law Review LAW6162 Module
Law Stories LAW6174 Module
Law, Justice and Ethics LAW6155 Module
Law, Knowledge, Power: Past and Present LAW6024 Module
Law, Modernity and the Holocaust LAW6018 Module
Media Law LAW6006 Module
Medical Negligence Law LAW6013 Module
Principles of Revenue Law LAW6172 Module
Public International Law LAW6032 Module
Public International Law A LAW6032A Module
Public Law LAW4001 Module
Public Legal Education and Community Street Law LAW6176 Module
The Art of Law LAW6171 Module
The Practice of Law in a Clinical Environment LAW6156 Module
Tort Law LAW5001 Module
United Kingdom Human Rights Law LAW6019 Module

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