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The Art of Law provides an introduction to a range of ways in which law and the visual arts come together now and in the past. The module will explore how law appears in artworks including painting, sculpture, photography, and film. It will also consider when, how and why works of art appear in state institutions like courthouses, Inns of Court, government buildings, and international organisations, and how state and international organisations make use of art work in their public outreach activities. Students will develop an understanding of basic art historical approaches and methods including psychoanalytic, feminist, Marxian, post- and anti-colonial, and queer, approaches. They will use these to navigate cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in the field of Law and the Arts. They will make their own art work, engage in class discussions, visit art galleries, watch films, and undertake an independent research project. For the creative project, students may choose between making a 5-minute film; an A2 poster; or 5-frame photo-essay.

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