This module will cover: Some introductory concepts in torts; Introducing negligence (eg, where negligence causes death, the types of damages, statute of limitations); Duty of care: elements; scope; statutory exceptions; immunities; acts versus omissions; Setting the standard of care; Determining breach; Proving causation - classical test, exceptions thereto; Duty of care and breach; Remoteness of damage; Defences to negligence; Negligently-inflicted pure economic; Liability of public authorities; Occupiers liability; Negligently-inflicted pure psychiatric injury; Employers liability; Vicarious liability; Breach of statutory duty; Misfeasance in public office; Product liability statutory regime; Private and public nuisance; The action in Rylands v Fletcher; Defamation; Intentional interference with economic relations and other economic torts; Reflections on the role of Torts in modern society.

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