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This module explores the concept of 'climate justice' from a range of legal, social and political perspectives, tracing in detail how the concept has been underpinned by a wide range of traditions in human thinking. The module will introduce students to the growing significance of a concept of climate justice in contemporary political and policy debates, and show how our understanding of the concept varies widely across different historical and cultural contexts. Topics covered will include: Climate justice in policy and politics (exploring historical development and the uses of the concept in UN, NGO and national government contexts). Climate justice and racial justice (exploring the concept of climate justice in anti-colonial, post-colonial and anti-racist ideas). Climate justice and economic production (exploring the concept of climate justice in the critique of industrial capitalism and eco-socialism). Climate justice and social reproduction (exploring the concept of climate justice in feminist theory and in the critique of androcentric accounts of climate change). Climate justice and indigenous epistemologies (exploring the contemporary significance of pre-colonial and pre-industrial concepts of climate justice).

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