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'An Excess of Colonialism': Empire, Race and Violence HST6356 Module
'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland HST6321 Module
1066! The Norman Conquest HST6114 Module
A Century of Extremes: Germany 1890 - 1990 HST5324 Module
A Century of Extremes: Germany 1890 - 1990 HST5324A Module
A Century of Extremes: Germany 1890 - 1990 HST5324B Module
A History of Terror in the Modern Age 1858-2008 HST6319 Module
A History of terror in the Modern Age 1858:2008 HST5361 Module
Africa Bound: Politics, Society, and Power during the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade HST6349 Module
Africa in Europe, 1440 - 1650: Renaissance Encounters HST5210 Module
Alfred Hitchcock and the New Film History HST6374 Module
America Incorporated 1865-1939: Railroads, Bankers and the Great West HST5368 Module
Anglo-American Relations 1945-70 HST5301 Module
Anglo-American Relations, 1939-1991 HST5366 Module
Antisemitism and the Holocaust HST7405 Module
Anxieties of Empire: Rumours, Rebellion and the Imperial Imagination HST6331 Module
Architecture in London I 1600 - 1837 HST5200 Module
Architecture in London II 1837 - to the Present HST5302 Module
Art in France from Louis XIV to the Revolution HST5217 Module
Banned! A History of American Censorship HST6368 Module
Beer, Books and Longbows: the World of Medieval HST5121 Module
Behind Closed Doors: Houses, Interiors and Domestic Life, c. 1660-c1830 HST6209 Module
Between the Citizen and the State: Voluntary Action in Modern Britain HST6334 Module
Britain and Europe 1945-1973 HST5304 Module
British Cinema and the Second World War: Propaganda, Myth and Memory HST6342 Module
British Horror: Film, Television and Literature HST5305 Module
Building the American Nation: 1756-1900 HST4310 Module
Catholics and Politics in England c1558-1603 HST5212 Module
Chartists, Rebels and Suffragettes: Democracy in Britain, 1830-1928 HST5365 Module
Church and Clergy in late Medieval London (c.1350-1540) HST7333 Module
Cities of Empire HST5349 Module
Cold War America 1945-1975 HST6301 Module
Conquests and Settlements: England 987-1135 HST5108 Module
Conquests and Settlements: England 987-1135 HST5108A Module
Conquests and Settlements: England 987-1135 HST5108B Module
Consumer Cultures: The United States from the 1760s to the 1960s HST7331 Module
Contemporary Art and Society HST5351 Module
Culture and Identity in Renaissance Italy HST7335 Module
Dancehalls, Dictators and the Dole: British Politics in the 1930s HST7332 Module
Death of a Dynasty: Tudors and Stuarts, c. 1590-1610 HST6214 Module
Democracy: Ancient HST7102 Module
Democracy: Modern HST7305 Module
Early Modern Art in the Twentieth Century, 1900-1950 HST5309 Module
Early Modern Theories of State HST7203 Module
English and British Political Culture c1595-1606 and the Accession of King James I HST6207 Module
Europe 1000-1500: The Middle Ages and their Legacy HST4107 Module
Europe in a Global Context since 1800 HST4309A Module
Europe in a Global Context since 1800 HST4309B Module
Europe in a Global Context since 1800 HST4309 Module
Europe in Revolution: 1848 HST6372 Module
Exhibiting the First World War HST6375 Module
Freedom and Nation: The State in Post-Colonial Africa, 1956-2006 HST5359 Module
From Muhammad to the Ottomans: A History of Medieval Islamic Societies HST5116 Module
From Napoleon to Berlusconi: Italy, 1796 -1996 HST5326 Module
From the Tsars to the Bolsheviks: Russia 1801-1921 HST5327 Module
Frontiers of the Medieval Imagination HST5122 Module
Gender and Politics in Britain since 1870 HST5340 Module
Global Encounters: Conquest and Culture in World History HST4604 Module
Gotham: The Making of New York City 1825-2001 HST6365 Module
Gotham: The Making of New York City 1825-2002 HST6365A Module
Gotham: The Making of New York City 1825-2003 HST6365B Module
Heritage After Empire: Decolonising Public History HST6367 Module
History in Action HST7608 Module
History in Practice HST4602 Module
History of Modern Political Thought HST5313 Module
History of Western Political Thought HST5601 Module
History Workshop HST5607 Module
History: Approaches, Methods, Challenges HST7000 Module
Hollywood and the Second World War HST7317 Module
Human Rights in History: Origins, Foundations, Prospects HST5405 Module
In the Shadow of the French Revolution: Political Thought 1789-1890 HST7319 Module
International Eugenics in Comparative Perspective HST5357 Module
Islam and the West in the Middle Ages HST6106 Module
Islam in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia HST7327 Module
Islam is the Solution? The History of Modern Islamism HST7326 Module
Japanese Film: History, Culture and Fantasy HST5342 Module
Jews in Film HST6355 Module
Knighthood & Chivalry in the Middle Ages HST5118 Module
Latin for Medievalists 1 HST5605 Module
Latin for Medievalists II HST5106 Module
London and its Museums HST5606 Module
London Before the Fire: Life in a Medieval and Renaissance City HST5113 Module
London on Film: Representing the City in British and American Cinema HST5608 Module
Madness and Medicine in Modern Britain HST5314 Module
Making Thatcher's Britain: The Thatcher Revolution, 1975-1997 HST6344 Module
Mandela's World HST5345 Module
Marx, Engels and the Making of Marxism HST6305 Module
Medieval London: Pubs, Plague-pits and Cathedrals HST5120 Module
Method and Practice in the History of Political Thought and Intellectual History HST7001 Module
Metropolitan Matters: A material history of London from the Victorians to the present HST7616 Module
Modern Art, 1900 to 1950 HST6369 Module
Modern Egypt between the Revolutions 1919-2011 HST6366 Module
Modern Girls? Gender, Culture and Society in Britain c. 1918-1979 HST7329 Module
Modern Jewish History and Culture HST7402 Module
Nationalism, Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism in Political Thought, Nineteenth-Twentieth Centuries HST7316 Module
Outsiders in the Middle Ages HST5109 Module
Paris from Napoleon to the Present HST5358 Module
Philosophical Britain: Cultural and Intellectual History, 1895-2012 HST6347 Module
Piracy in World History HST6402 Module
Power, Politics and Religion in Britain, 1530-1649 HST5216 Module
Protest and Revolution in Germany 1789-1989 HST6303 Module
Race in the United States: Slavery To Civil Rights HST5317 Module
Race, Resistance and Decolonization: Empire and Global History in the 20th Century HST7614 Module
Readings in Global History HST7338 Module
Reformation to Revolution: Europe and the World, 1500-1800 HST4202 Module
Reinventing Ourselves: Psychology, Sex and Chemistry in Modern Britain HST6327 Module
Religion in the Early Middle Ages, 500-900 HST5117 Module
Renaissance Art in London HST5611 Module
Saladin, Richard the Lionheart & the Third Crusade HST6108 Module
Scandal and Corruption in American Politics HST5348 Module
Screening History: Representing the Past in the Contemporary Historical Film HST4312 Module
Selfhood and Enlightenment in the Long Eighteenth Century HST7330 Module
Sex, Work and Liberation: Feminist Thought in the late Twentieth Century HST6358 Module
Society and the State c. 1520-1642 HST5213 Module
Stalinism HST6338 Module
Studying Modern and Contemporary British History HST7323 Module
The 'Heart of Darkness'? Identity, Power, and Politics in the Congo c.1870-2010 HST6343 Module
The Age of Impressionism: Art in France and Britain 1860-1900 HST5300 Module
The Age of Impressionism: Art in France and Britain, 1848 to 1900 HST5362 Module
The American Century: The History of the United States, 1900-1945 HST5350A Module
The American Century: The History of the United States, 1900-2000 HST5350 Module
The American Century: The History of the United States, 1945-2000 HST5350B Module
The American Presidency HST7306 Module
The Atlantic Slave Trade: Africa, Europe and the Americas from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries HST6339 Module
The Body in Science, Medicine, and Culture since 1832 HST6407 Module
The British in Political Thought: from the Eighteenth Century to the Twentieth Century HST6322 Module
The Crusades (1095-1291) HST5111 Module
The Darwinian Revolution: The History of a Dangerous Idea HST6404 Module
The Edwardian Crisis: Britain, 1900-1914 HST5355 Module
The Enthronement of Learning: Medieval Universities and their Legacy HST6110 Module
The First Crusade and the Foundation of the Crusader States HST7615 Module
The Foundations of Modern Thought: Introduction to Intellectual History HST4603 Module
The French Civil War 1934-1944 (I) and (II) HST6308 Module
The Georgians: Society and Culture in Eighteenth Century England HST5209 Module
The Germans and the Jews since 1871 HST6329 Module
The History of Emotions HST6403 Module
The Holocaust and Beyond: War and Post-war Germany HST7406 Module
The Hussites: Reform, Revolution and Apocalypse in the Fifteenth Century HST6200 Module
The Idea of the West: A history from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century HST6406 Module
The Industrial Revolution QM-INTC-UCOL Module
The Kennedy Years (I) and (II) HST6310 Module
The Lives of Oscar Wilde (I) and (II) HST6316 Module
The Making of Modern Paris HST7617 Module
The Making of the Modern Self HST5407 Module
The Medieval World: Structures and Mentalities HST4102 Module
The Modern Caribbean: Migration, Radicalism and Revolt HST6377 Module
The Modern State in Transatlantic Political Thought, 1880-1960 HST7341 Module
The Politics of Irish Writing from Swift to Heaney HST7342 Module
The Pursuit of Happiness? The Creation of American Capitalism, 1763-1914. HST6346 Module
The Reform of Islam: the Legacy of Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328) HST6101 Module
The Russian Revolution and Civil War 1917-21 (I) and (II) HST6311 Module
The Sixties Cultural Revolution in Germany and Britain HST6373 Module
The Struggle for Italy: 1796-1996 HST5363 Module
The US - UK Special Relationship HST7313 Module
The Whirlwind: Britain and Strategic Bombing, 1914-1945 HST5320 Module
The World of Samuel Pepys: England, 1649-1703 HST5218 Module
The World of the Nun: Convent Life in Renaissance Europe HST6208 Module
The World that Jane Austen Knew: Women, Gender and Culture in England HST6212 Module
Theories of Empire: from Enlightenment to Liberalism HST7321 Module
Totalitarianism: History & Theory of Twentieth Century Authoritarian Politics HST6376 Module
Unravelling Britain: British History since 1801 HST4308B Module
Unravelling Britain: British History since 1801 HST4308A Module
Unravelling Britain: British History since 1801 HST4308 Module
Victorian Values: Religion, Sex, Race and Deviance in Nineteenth Century Britain HST5332 Module
Victors to Victims: Representing the Two World Wars in Britain HST7315 Module
Video Games: History, Culture and Representation from Pacman to Pokemon HST6405 Module
Violence and Modernity in Twentieth-Century India HST5360 Module
War, Epidemics and Civilization HST6601 Module
Winning on the Western Front: The British Army 1914-1919 HST5321 Module
Witches, Demons and Magic in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe HST5215 Module
Witches, Demons and Magic in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe HST6215 Module
Women and Gender in Late Medieval England, c.1300-c.1500 HST5114 Module
Women and Gender in Medieval Islam HST5100 Module
Women, Family and Work in Post-War Britain HST6359 Module

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