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Algorithms and Data Structures IOT529U Module
Applied Statistics ECS764A Module
Applied Statistics ECS764P Module
Applied Statistics IOT764P Module
Arts Application Programming ECS405U Module
Bayesian Decision and Risk Analysis ECS773P Module
Bayesian Decision and Risk Analysis ECS647A Module
Bayesian Decision and Risk Analysis ECS647U Module
Bridging Arts and Technology ECS406U Module
Business Organisation and Decision Making IOT433W Module
Business Technology Strategy IOT728P Module
Cloud Computing IOT781P Module
Computer Systems and Networks IOT430U Module
Data Analytics IOT784W Module
Database Systems IOT519U Module
Department of Computer Science EM-EECS-COMP Department
Department of Electronic Engineering EM-EECS-ELEC School
Digital Circuit Design ECS412U Module
Electronic Engineering Mathematics 2 ECS423U Module
Electronic Engineering Mathematics I ECS408U Module
Embedded Systems ECS714U Module
Embedded Systems ECS642U Module
Embedded Systems ECS714P Module
End Point Assessment IOT7014W Module
Ethics, Regulation and Law in Advanced Digital Information Processing and Decision Making IOT7025P Module
Fundamentals of Web Technology ECS417U Module
Information System Analysis IOT419U Module
Internet Protocols and Applications IOT524U Module
Introduction to Multimedia ECS416U Module
Logic and Discrete Structures ECS407U Module
Machine Learning IOT708P Module
Microwave and Millimetrewave Electronics ECS752P Module
Microwave and Millimetrewave Electronics ECS644U Module
Natural Language Processing ECS763U Module
Natural Language Processing ECS763P Module
Object-Oriented Programming IOT414U Module
Object-Oriented Programming ECS414U Module
Operating Systems IOT518U Module
Organisation Environment and Decision Making IOT432W Module
Power Electronics ECS643U Module
Power Electronics ECS720P Module
Procedural Programming IOT401U Module
Procedural Programming ECS401U Module
Professional and Research Practice IOT427W Module
Project Management for Big Data Analysis IOT7015W Module
Risk and Decision-Making for Data Science and AI IOT7005P Module
Software Development and Quality ECS646U Module
Software Engineering IOT505W Module

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