This module will be compulsory on the BSc Digital and Technology Solutions Programme addressing some of the core KSBs; C1,C5, C8 and specialist skills such as DA1 in data analyst pathway. The aim of the module is to provide a tailored opportunity for degree apprentices to investigate and analyse the relationships between their study and work contexts through the study of the business organisation where they can then understand and diagnose the environment in which their company operates under. In order to fulfill this, basic concepts of business and management, internal, external and competitive organisational concepts and environmental scanning tools with be taught. The module will also introduce the concept of strategy and how business strategy align with IS/IT strategy. The module will also explore how business organisations make decisions particularly in making IS/IT investments in deciding on what information systems are required. The module will introduce learners to the principles to organisation theory, appraising the environment in which the enterprise operates, consider its leadership, Evaluate the role of ethics in business decision making, Identify and critique the factors influencing an organisation's strategy development, Global context of Business, The Political and the Economic Environment, The Demographic, Social and Cultural context of Business, The Legal Environment and the Ethical and Ecological Environment and Various tools/techniques of Strategic Management.

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