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Advanced Ceramics and Glass Materials QXU6032 Module
Advanced Mathematics 1 NXC3000 Module
Advanced Mathematics 2 NXC3004 Module
Advanced Polymer Chemistry QXU6033 Module
Advanced Polymer Synthesis QXU7033 Module
Advanced Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine MTRM064 Module
Ceramics MAT522 Module
Ceramics QXU6022 Module
Ceramics MTRM068 Module
Chemistry for Materials MAT5002 Module
Chemistry for Materials QXU4002 Module
Composite Materials QXU5030 Module
Elastomer Materials NXC5014 Module
Engineering Chemistry QXU4004 Module
Engineering Design Methods NXC4008 Module
Engineering Design Methods QXU4016 Module
Engineering Materials QXU4015 Module
English for Science and Engineering QXU7111 Module
Environmental Properties of Materials MAT7040 Module
Environmental Properties of Materials MTRM040 Module
Environmental Properties of Materials QXU6007 Module
Environmental Properties of Materials MAT507 Module
Experiments in Materials 1 QXU4007 Module
Experiments in Materials 2 QXU5017 Module
Failure of Polymers NXC6019 Module
Failure of Solids MAT501 Module
Failure of Solids MTRM025 Module
Fatigue and Creep Failure NXC6023 Module
Fracture Mechanics NXC6024 Module
Functional Polymers QXU6034 Module
General Physics NXC3001 Module
Innovation Strategy MAT307 Module
Introduction to Engineering Materials QXU4011 Module
Linear Algebra NXC3002 Module
Manufacturing Processes MTRM713 Module
Manufacturing Processes MAT601 Module
Manufacturing Processes NXC6025 Module
Materials and Sustainability QXU6008 Module
Materials Science 1 Structure and Properties QXU4000 Module
Materials Science 2 Processing and Applications QXU4006 Module
Materials Selection in Design QXU6002 Module
Materials Selection in Design MAT602 Module
Materials Selection in Design MTRM011 Module
Materials Selection in Engineering Design QXU6004 Module
Mathematical Modelling and Computing NXC3005 Module
Mechanical Modelling NXC4012 Module
Metals 1: Deformation and Strengthening NXC5026 Module
Metals 2: Alloy Systems and Heat Treatment NXC5036 Module
Molecules to Materials QXU4001 Module
Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine MAT7803 Module
Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine MTRM803 Module
Physical Properties of Polymers QXU5032 Module
Polymer Characterisation NXC5013 Module
Polymer Chemistry QXU4003 Module
Polymer Degradation NXC5028 Module
Polymer Devices QXU6028 Module
Polymer Processing NXC6018 Module
Polymer Product Design NXC6020 Module
Professional Engineering Methods QXU7211 Module
Renewable Energy Materials QXU7027 Module
Renewable Energy Materials MTRM061 Module
Renewable Energy Materials MAT427 Module
Renewable Energy Technology QXU6027 Module
Science of Biocompatibility MTRM312 Module
Science of Biocompatibility MAT6312 Module
Structural Characterisation NXC5015 Module
Surfaces and Interfaces QXU5010 Module
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics NXC4122 Module
Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations NXC4022 Module
Tissue Mechanics DEN6311 Module
Tissue Mechanics DENM311 Module

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