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Name Code Type
Applied Sciences for Prehospital Medicine IHS6023 Module
Assessment, Evaluation, Curriculum and Quality IHS6013 Module
Basic Medical Science for the Physician Assistant IHS7100 Module
Care in the Community I IHS7107 Module
Care of the Adult I IHS7102 Module
Care of the Adult II IHS7103 Module
Care of the Older Adult IHS7105 Module
Clinical Applications IHS6027 Module
Education for Clinical Contexts EDUCATION Module
Fundamentals of Education IHS6012 Module
Health of Women and Children IHS7104 Module
Healthy People Healthy Society IHS7101 Module
Integrated Topics IHS6026 Module
Mind, Body and Health IHS7106 Module
Research Methods in Clinical Education IHS7013 Institute
Research Methods in Clinical Education IHS7017 Module
Research, Evidence and Quality IHS7109 Module
Resuscitation Science IHS6024 Module
Teaching Methods, Teaching Skills IHS6011 Module
Trauma Science IHS6025 Module

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