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Acting Theory DRA252 Module
Action Design DRA245 Module
Adaptations DRA248 Module
Applied Performance DRA339 Module
Beyond Acting DRA302 Module
Beyond Acting DRA121 Module
Choreographic Performance DRA358 Module
Contemporary Theatre and Performance DRA7001 Module
Costume Drama: the Past Performed DRA234 Module
Costume Dramas DRA264 Module
Cultural Histories of Theatre DRA115 Module
Cultural Industries DRA7003 Module
Cultural Industries: Policy and Practice DRA7205 Module
Cultural Politics and Performance DRA259 Module
Culture, Performance and Globalisation DRA304 Module
Culture, Power and Performance DRA273 Module
Cultures of Sleep DRA342 Module
Dance Theatre DRA237 Module
Disciplines of Live Art DRA7713 Module
Dissertation Preparation DRA7102 Module
Drama and Education DRA361 Module
Early Modern Drama in Performance DRA7009 Module
Experimenters of the Twentieth Century DRA201 Module
Feeling It: Emotion and Sensation in the Theatre DRA307 Module
Group Practical Project DRA242 Module
Independent Practical Project DRA7002 Module
Independent Written Project DRA7005 Module
Interventions DRA120 Module
Just for Tourists: Travel, Event, Performance DRA340 Module
Live Art Histories DRA7712 Module
Live Art: Then and Now DRA362 Module
Livelihoods DRA346 Module
London Performance Now DRA261 Module
London Performance Past and Present SUM501D Module
London/Archives/Documentation DRA265 Module
London/Culture/Performance DRA114 Module
Madness and Theatricality DRA323 Module
Making Contemporary Theatre DRA220 Module
Making Site-Specific Performance DRA356 Module
Making Theatre DRA116 Module
Making Theatre and Performance DRA124 Module
Musical Performance DRA239 Module
Naturalism DRA223 Module
Offstage London DRA333 Module
Performance and Celebrity DRA341 Module
Performance and Community DRA337 Module
Performance and Visual Culture DRA224 Module
Performance Art from the 1970s to the Present DRA359 Module
Performance Art in the 1970s DRA266 Module
Performance Company Research Project DRA353 Module
Performance Composition DRA310 Module
Performance in the Gallery DRA355 Module
Performance Lab DRA7004 Module
Performance Research DRA7100 Module
Performance Studies DRA257 Module
Performance Texts in Practice DRA118 Module
Performance, Sexuality, Identity DRA332 Module
Performing Illness and Disability DRA267 Module
Performing Mental Health DRA7010 Module
Performing Personae DRA262 Module
Performing Shakespeare DRA205 Module
Places of Performance DRA312 Module
Popular Theatre and Performance DRA119 Module
Power Plays DRA123 Module
Practice-based Research Project DRA344 Module
Practices DRA117 Module
Race and Racism in Performance DRA263 Module
Reading Theatre DRA209 Module
Research Design DRA7103 Module
Shakespeare After Shakespeare DRA316 Module
Show Business: Theatre and Capitalism DRA360 Module
Siting Performance DRA343 Module
South African Theatre and Performance DRA249 Module
Spectatorship and Participation DRA255 Module
Spectatorship: Time, Place, Performance DRA122 Module
Staging Modern Ireland DRA227 Module
Study Abroad Year (Drama) SED003 Module
The Senses in Performance DRA258 Module
Theatre and Performance in North America DRA256 Module
Theatre and Performance Theory DRA7006 Module
Theatre and the Supernatural DRA349 Module
Theatre for the People DRA251 Module
Theatre for Young People: Pedagogy in Practice DRA7204 Module
Theatre Writings DRA218 Module
Theatre, Experiment and Revolution DRA274 Module
Verbatim, Testimonial and Tribunal DRA350 Module
Voice, Gender, Performance DRA268 Module
Writing about the Arts DRA351 Module
Written Research Project DRA329 Module

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