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Advanced Aerospace Structures DENM307 Module
Advanced Aircraft Design DENM305 Module
Advanced Combustion in Reciprocating Engines DENM021 Module
Advanced Flight Control and Simulation of Aerospace Vehicles DENM001 Module
Advanced Gas Turbines DENM022 Module
Advanced Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics DENM208 Module
Advanced High Speed Aerodynamics DEN7405 Module
Advanced High Speed Aerodynamics DENM405 Module
Advanced Spacecraft Design: Manoeuvring and Orbital Mechanics DENM335 Module
Aeroelasticity DENM032 Module
Biomedical Engineering in Urology DENM016 Module
Computational Engineering DENM004 Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics DENM010 Module
Energy Conversion Analysis DENM510 Module
Energy Storage Engineering DENM600 Module
Energy Storage Engineering DEN7600 Module
Essential Mathematics Skills for Engineers DENM122 Module
Introduction to Solar Energy DENM601 Module
Medical Ethics and Regulatory Affairs DENM702 Module
Renewable Energy Sources DENM035 Module
Robotics DENM011 Module

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