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This module is about crime committed by corporates and states and it explores the definition and nature of crime that causes harm to the environment in criminological, legal and political discourse. The module aims to develop a critical understanding of the nature and the scale and type of crimes committed by companies, states and their agents that damage the environment and ecosystems. There will also be an exploration of resistance tactics, from law-fare to civil society censure of environmental harm. Consisting of lectures, seminars and film, the following list is indicative (but not exhaustive) of the subjects that will be covered: corporate environmental crime, food insecurity, state and state-corporate environmental crime, CSR and 'green' business practice, the economy of environmental protection, the power of civil society to resist planet degradation, the genocide-ecocide nexus, corruption, agribusiness, toxic waste dumping and land grabbing. The course will also feature visiting leading scholars, and representatives from key NGOs.

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