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"This module looks at the relationship of terrorism, human rights and migration. Among the key questions will be the relationship of foreigners to threat, the treatment of suspected terrorists through immigration laws, the entitlement of foreigners to protection against return to persecution and torture (as refugees) and the transformation of the technologies around movement of people across international borders which are driven by terrorism related concerns. The module is designed to provide students with an overview of the law around terrorism and how it intersects with migration and border crossing issues. The module will include: an introduction to the course from citizens to foreigners including Human Rights, Political Violence, Terrorism and Extradition. We will examine the issues around refugees, political violence/terrorism and the principle of non-refoulement and how they interact with the prohibition on torture in the context of terrorism allegations. The question of the political issue of diplomatic assurances and legal obligations of protection will be examined as well as the convergence of terrorism, criminal law and refugee protection. The use of digital means by state authorities to counter terrorism and the use of the personal data of foreigners will also be part of the reflections of this course. Students will have an opportunity to present in class their research."

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