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We live in a world of unprecedented technological change. The way we live our lives today, with the most essential services being only a click away, has radically transformed our existence as consumers. On the face of it, markets are performing well, as the prices for services have radically decreased - or are even provided for 'free', that is, without monetary payment ¿ through the use of online platforms. We can shop for less money, compare products in real time, search virtually any question, hail a cab on our mobile phone, order any kind of food in an instant ¿ the list is seemingly endless. As such, these technological advancements have transformed consumers¿ choice, yet they have simultaneously created new causes of concern about competition in the marketplace and the role of consumers within it. This course will critically examine how big data, algorithms and AI are transforming market dynamics, challenging the foundations of competition law enforcement and raising new challenges for competition authorities, regulators, businesses and consumers.

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