In addition to the academic subject content, the JP in Materials Science and Engineering at NPU will develop students as independent learners and lay a solid foundation for their subsequent professional development. Academic and professional development includes knowledge, understanding and skills, each of which underpins a set of activities. These are tailored to the JP and developed in conjunction with lecturers delivering the programme's academic content. The underlying knowledge, understanding and skills include: Academic skills and techniques; Communication and interpersonal skills; Responsibility, leadership and management skills; Academic and professional conduct. This module will cover competences from all four areas, particularly: Critical thinking in speaking and writing; Presentation of evidenced judgements; Interpretation and evaluation of data from various sources for use in specific academic tasks; Intellectual integrity and ethical action; Clear communication of ideas, concepts, and judgements to a range of audiences; Understanding of the strengths and limitations of different forms of communication and the ability to use the appropriate form for a given audience, task and purpose; Ability to accept responsibility for the work of self and others; Ability to exercise responsibilities in an ethical manner; Ability to develop own learning.

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