This module will consider mission-based subsonic aircraft design methodology: Weight estimation, sensitivity analysis, take-off, and landing performance, Bréguet range equation for turbofan aircraft and piston engines/turboprop aircraft. It will cover aerodynamic design: subsonic-supersonic compatibility, wing and body design, supersonic drag and area ruling, sonic boom, radiation, take-off noise. It will also consider air-breathing Engine Design and Noise in Propeller and jet-driven aeroplanes including performance calculations and new developments in electric propulsion and other concepts of propulsion.

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EMS611U (&DENM305) Conceptual design of aircraft 2023-2024 Academic Year 17/09/2023 19:44:35
EMS611U (&DENM305) Conceptual design of aircraft 2024-2025 Academic Year 13/06/2024 12:31:53