This module is the third compulsory module on the PGCAP and runs over one semester. The module builds on the topics studied in the first two modules on the programme. It supports participants to take a broader view of higher education and to work at a unit, module or programme level to engage in a piece of curriculum redesign, or in some cases a new piece of design. The module looks at theory and practice of curriculum design, and supports participants to review aims and ILOs, education approach, assessment and feedback strategies, evaluation plans, and to consider their curriculum design within broader contexts. There are seven compulsory topics and participants will choose from a range of optional topics those which are most relevant for their curriculum project. This module is aligned to Descriptor D2 of the UKPSF and, therefore, offers participants the opportunity to demonstrate a broad understanding of effective approaches to teaching and learning support as key contributions to high quality student learning.

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ADP7218 Curriculum Design 2023-2024 Academic Year 12/10/2023 13:23:07
ADP7218 Curriculum Design 2024-2025 Academic Year 13/06/2024 11:23:40