1. Recommended editions 3 items
    You are expected to own a copy of each of the set texts.
    1. Milagros de Nuestra Señora - Gonzalo de Berceo 2006

      Book Suggested for student purchase

    2. El Conde Lucanor - Juan Manuel 1989

      Book Suggested for student purchase

    3. Spanish ballads 1996

      Book Suggested for student purchase

  2. Reference editions 3 items
    These are the most comprehensive editions of the sets texts, with extensive footnotes and introductions. There are copies of these works in the QMUL Library and I recommend that you use them to help you prepare text commentaries and class presentations.
    1. El conde Lucanor - Juan Manuel 1994

      Book Optional

    2. Milagros de Nuestra Señora - Gonzalo de Berceo 1997

      Book Optional

    3. Romancero 1994

      Book Optional

  3. English translations 3 items
    You are expected to read and use for assessment the medieval Spanish version although you can use translations into English for private study. We will only use the original medieval texts in class.
    1. Miracles of Our Lady - Gonzalo de Berceo 1997

      Book Optional

    2. El Conde Lucanor - Juan Manuel 1987

      Book Optional Includes English translation.

    3. Spanish ballads - Roger Wright 1987

      Book Optional Includes English translation.

  4. Reference works 4 items
    These are general works on medieval Spanish literature anc culture. Consult them for geneneral background information about the works and themes we are studying.
    1. The Cambridge history of Spanish literature - David Thatcher Gies 2004

      Book Recommended The most up to date literary history of Spain in English. Consult the various chapters on the Middle Ages for a general survey.

    2. Historia de la literatura española. 1 Entre oralidad y escritura: La Edad Media - María Jesús Lacarra, Juan Manuel Cacho Blecua 2012

      Book Recommended The most up to date and comprehensive general survey of medieval Spanish literature. Use specific sections only.

    3. Historia y crítica de la literatura española: Vol.1: Edad media - Francisco Rico, A. D. Deyermond 1980

      Book Optional Although showing its age, this is a useful primer to medieval Spanish literature with specific sections on the texts we are studying.

    4. Historia y crítica de la literatura española: Vol. 1: Edad Media primer supplemento - A. D. Deyermond 1991

      Book Optional Excellent general introduction but showing its age. It has specific sections on the works we are studying.

  5. Week 2: Historical background 2 items
    1. The arts of intimacy: Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the making of Castilian culture - Jerrilynn Denise Dodds, Maria Rosa Menocal, Abigail Krasner Balbale 2008

      Book Optional Very useful to understand the wider cultural context in medieval Iberia. Particularly strong on art history and architecture.

    2. A history of Spain - Simon Barton 2009

      Book Recommended Chapters 'The Muslim Conquest' and 'The Ascendancy of Medieval Iberia AD1000–1474' provide an excellent overview of the history of Castile in the Middle Ages.

  6. Weeks 3–5: Milagros de Nuestra Señora 18 items
    1. Christian-Jewish relations, 1000-1300: Jews in the service of Medieval Christendom - Anna Sapir Abulafia 2011

      Book  See Chapter 8 'Anti-Jewish Libels' for a discussion of charges against the Jews.

    2. The Theme of Mary's Power in the Milagros de Nuestra Señora - Jane E Ackerman 84/1983

      Article Recommended An excellent introduction to the role of Mary as intercessor in the Milagros.

    3. La alegoría en el prólogo de los Milagros de Nuestra Señora de Gonzalo de Berceo - Juan Carlos Bayo


    4. The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom, 1000-1500 - Robert Chazan 2006

      Book  See Chapter 2

    5. The politics of salvation: Gonzaleo de Berceo's reinvention of the Marian myth - Martha Mary Daas 2011

      Book Recommended A useful discussion of Berceo's contribution to the cult of Mary.

    6. Mary - Rachel Fulton

      Chapter Recommended An introduction to the place of Mary within medieval religion.

    7. Gonzalo de Berceo: the poet and his verses - Anthony Lappin 2008

      Book  See Chapters 1 and 4 for Berceo's biography and the ideology that underpins his writings.

    8. The Jew in Medieval Iberia, 1100-1500 - Jonathan Ray 2012

      Book Recommended Chapter 1 offers a brief overview of the place of Jews in medieval Spain. It will help you understand the historical reality that Berceo's work relates to.

    9. Emotion and devotion: the meaning of Mary in medieval religious cultures - Miri Rubin 2009

      Book  See the chapter 'Mary, and Others' for a discussion of the relationship between Mary and the Jews in the culture of the 12th–13th centuries.

    10. Mother of God: A history of the Virgin Mary - Miri Rubin 2009

      Book Essential A comprehensive survey of the development of the cult of Mary in Europe. See particularly Chapter 14 'Mary's Miracles as Reward and Punishment'

    11. Convivencia and conversion in Gonzalo de Berceo's "El judiezno" - Patricia Timmons

      Article Essential Excellent approach to a single miracle tale.

  7. Weeks 6–9: El Conde Lucanor 16 items
    1. Chivalry - Maurice Keen 2005

      Book Recommended An excellent introduction to the concept of chivalry that underpins the values not just of El Conde Lucanor but Juan Manuel's society.

    2. Estudios sobre "El Conde Lucanor" - José Romera Castillo 1980


    3. Frame and Structure in the Conde Lucanor - James F. Burke 1984

      Article Recommended Very good introduction to the structure of the work and the exchanges between Patronio and Lucanor.

    4. Hacia una poética del relato didáctico: ocho estudios sobre El Conde Lucanor - Aníbal A. Biglieri 1989

      Book  Consult for a different perspective on tales 37 and 41.

    5. Ideology in Action: the Consequences of Paradox in El Conde Lucanor, Part I - Jonathan Burgoyne 2001

      Article  On the question of didacticism in El Conde Lucanor.

    6. Juan Manuel studies - Ian Macpherson 1977

      Book  Some good studies on some of the basic issues around the text. This work has informed a lot of later criticism about El Conde Lucanor.

    7. 'Los que son muy cuerdos entienden la cosa por algunas sennales': Learning the Lessons of El Conde Lucanor - John England 1999

      Article  An interesting argument about didacticism and ambiguity in El Conde Lucanor. Read it for its general argument.

    8. Reconquest and crusade in medieval Spain - Joseph F. O'Callaghan 2004

      Book Recommended See Chapter 1 for an outline of the notions of reconquest (reconquista) and crusade that underpin the military ideology in El Conde Lucanor.

    9. Tres notas sobre Don Juan Manuel

      Chapter Recommended Old but still very useful.

    10. What were the crusades? - Jonathan Simon Christopher Riley-Smith ©2009

      Book Recommended An excellent introduction to the ideology of crusade that underpins some of the tales in El Conde Lucanor.

  8. Weeks 10–12: Romancero viejo 8 items
    1. The heterotextual body of the Mora morilla - Louise O. Vasvári, Queen Mary and Westfield College. Dept. of Hispanic Studies 1999


    2. Enemies in the Plaza: urban spectacle and the end of Spanish frontier culture, 1460-1492 - Thomas Devaney 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended The Introduction is a good, up to date survey of the frontier, its culture, and its inhabitants in the period we are studying.

    3. Women, Jews, and Muslims in the texts of reconquest Castile - Louise Mirrer ©1996


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