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    You are required to purchase the one-volume, International Student Edition of the third edition of The Norton Shakespeare, ed. Stephen Greenblatt et al (The Norton Shakespeare: 3E on the cover, with a picture of a jester's hat). ISBN 978 0 393 26312 1, with The Norton Shakespeare Digital Edition registration card.

    This is a new edition of the complete plays and poems, available from July 2015. You can purchase it direct from the W.W. Norton website ( or from other retailers including the W.H.Smiths campus bookshop, which often runs promotions guaranteeing to match or beat the price on Amazon. It comes with access to a Norton Digital Edition online with many more texts and resources than the print edition. You must not purchase the second edition ('International' edition), which has a grey cover, and which is still on sale.


    You should be aware from the beginning of the year that the Norton will be the set text for the end of year examination.  You will not be able to take the exam without it.  You may write brief notes in the margins, and use post-it notes as bookmarks, but you should not write extensive passages of prose in the margins or preliminary or endleaves or on attached sheets.  If you do, the invigilators may not admit your copy to the examination room.

    Concentrate on gaining a thorough reading knowledge of each set play, understanding the language and themes that cut across the works, and asking questions about the dramatic structure and effect of the plays in their original theatrical contexts

  2. SEMESTER 1 25 items
    1. WEEKS 1 AND 2: ROMEO AND JULIET 7 items
      1. Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare, William, Levenson, Jill L. 2008

        Book Recommended Recommended single volume edition of Romeo and Juliet, should you wish to consult one in addition to the Norton. See especially the 'Introduction' pp. 52-61 on the relationship in this play between theatre and sonnets/lyrics

      2. A tale of heaven to hell - Farah Karim-Cooper

        Chapter Recommended There is a pdf of this item under the QMPlus topic for Romeo and Juliet. From the programme for the 2009 Shakespeare's Globe Theatre production of Romeo and Juliet. On verticality in the original Globe space and in the language of the play.

      3. Romeo and Juliet - Luhrmann, Baz, Shakespeare, William, DiCaprio, Leonardo, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 2006 (dvd)

        Audio-visual document Recommended The seminal Luhrmann film of the play used in the lectures

      4. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet [DVD]: Globe production 2009

        Audio-visual document Recommended DVD of the 2009 Globe production: not available in QM library yet but will be ordered

      5. Shakespeare's source for Romeo and Juliet

        Webpage Optional Link via the Senate House (you will need your Senate House library card number and password) to Early English Books Online's facsimile of Arthur Brook's verse poem (1587)

    2. WEEKS 3, 4 AND 5: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING 3 items
      1. Much ado about nothing - Shakespeare, William, McEachern, Claire 2006

        Book Optional A good single volume edition of the play with extensive introductory material

      2. Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing (Eve Best/ Joe Caffrey/ Philip Cumbus) [Globe on Screen] [DVD] [2012] [NTSC]

        Audio-visual document Recommended An excellent Globe production of Much Ado About Nothing

      3. Much Ado About Nothing - Alison Findlay 2011

        Book Optional A useful general introduction to the play-in-performance, from 'The Shakespeare Handbooks' series, visible on Google books.

    3. WEEKS 6 and 8: JULIUS CAESAR 7 items
      1. Julius Caesar - Shakespeare, William, Spevack, Marvin 2006

        Book Recommended Recommended single-volume edition of the play

      2. 12 June 1599: Opening Day at Shakespeare's Globe - Steve Sohmer

        Article Optional Online article arguing that JC was the first play performed at the Globe

      3. The new Cicero - The Guardian 26 November 2008

        Article Optional An article from The Guardian newspaper on Barack Obama's oratory

      4. After the Assassination - Julius Caesar - BBC Four Jun 15, 2012

        Audio-visual document Recommended A preview clip of the BBC4 production of the RSC's 2012 Julius Caesear, set in a modern African state

      5. Shakespeare:Julius Caesar [Dominic Dromgoole, Various] [OPUS ARTE : DVD] [2015]

        Audio-visual document Recommended Globe production (filmed stage performance)

      6. Julius Caesar - Gregory Doran, John Wyver, Paterson Joseph, Jeffrey Kissoon 2012 (dvd)

        Audio-visual document Recommended Acclaimed RSC production set in African dictatorship.

      7. After the Assassination - Julius Caesar - BBC Four Jun 15, 2012

        Audio-visual document  Preview of BBC4 version of RSC June 2012 production

    4. WEEKS 9 and 10: RICHARD II 8 items
      1. Richard II stage footage | Act IV, scene 1 - the deposition scene | 2013 | Royal Shakespeare Company 21/11/2013

        Audio-visual document Recommended Preview David Tennant as Richard II in the deposition scene in the 2013 RSC production

      2. William Shakespeare, Richard II: Lord Chamberlain's men, The Theatre (1595) - Peter Womack

        Chapter Recommended Excellent short introduction to Richard II

      3. King Richard II - William Shakespeare, Andrew Gurr 1984

        Book Recommended By far the best single-volume edition of the play

      4. Shakespeare: Richard II [David Tennant] [RSC] [DVD] [2014] [NTSC]

        Audio-visual document Recommended Highly recommended RSC production (filmed stage performance) - better than the Globe production of 2015.

      5. Making Shakespeare: From stage to page - Stern, Tiffany 2004

        Book Recommended There is a pdf of this under the Richard II topic on QMPlus and it can be downloaded here with password 'esh101': recommended reading in advance of the Globe workshop day.

      6. Deposition of Richard II: an outline of historical events (not of Shakespeare's version)

        Webpage Optional Useful outline of the actual historical event on which the play is based (from a reputable source: a course led by the historian J.P.Somerville at Wisconsin)

      7. The Deposition and Abdication of Edward II - C. VALENTE 01/09/1998

        Article Optional For diehard historians only: excellent article which examines the documents surrounding the deposition and abdication of Edward II, including how it related to the deposition and abdication of Richard II, about seventy years later.

      8. Shakespeare:Richard II [Charles Edwards; Henry Everett; William Gaunt; Jonny Glynn; David Sturzaker; Simon Goodwin] [OPUS ARTE: OA1217D] [DVD]

        Audio-visual document Recommended This is the Globe 2015 production, not available on Globe Player, but available on dvd.

  3. SEMESTER 2 26 items
    1. WEEKS 1 and 2: TWELFTH NIGHT 4 items
      1. Twelfth night, or, what you will - Shakespeare, William, Warren, Roger, Wells, Stanley W. 1994

        Book Recommended Recommended single-volume edition of the play

      2. Twelfth night, or, What you will - Shakespeare, William, Elam, Keir 2008

        Book Optional Alternative single-volume edition

      3. Twelfth night - Nunn, Trevor, Shakespeare, William (dvd)

        Audio-visual document Optional Some good moments, some poor moments; the Globe production (on dvd, but as a filmed stage performance) is better, but this is directed and shot as a film.

      4. Shakespeare: Twelfth Night (Globe on Screen) [DVD] [2013] [NTSC]

        Audio-visual document Recommended Highly recommended Globe production (filmed stage performance) with Mark Rylance playing Olivia, and Stephen Fry as Malvolio

    2. WEEKS 3-4: OTHELLO 6 items
      1. Othello, the Moor of Venice - Shakespeare, William, Neill, Michael 2008

        Book Recommended The recommended single-volume edition

      2. Shakespeare, Othello (W.W. Norton eBook Reader)

        Webpage Optional You may have to log in to the Norton online area using the code provided in the hard copy of your complete Shakespeare to view this e-book version of the play.

      3. Othello - William Shakespeare, Jonathan Bate, Eric Rasmussen - Google Books

        Webpage Optional Preview an alternative single volume edition on Google Books

      4. Shakespeare's Globe: Othello: Preview of 5.2 Mar 10, 2008

        Audio-visual document Recommended Preview the climactic scene from the Globe production

      5. Act 3, Scene 3 | Othello | Royal Shakespeare Company - YouTube

        Audio-visual document Recommended The recent RSC production's version of Othello 3.3, which features in the first lecture on the play.

      6. othello 3.3. from the National Theatre's 50th Anniversary show (BBC) - YouTube

        Audio-visual document  With Rory Kinnear and Adrian Lester: Othello 3.3 (discussed in the first lecture) as performed in the National Theatre's 50th annniversary show.

    3. WEEKS 5-6: HAMLET 11 items
      1. Hamlet - Shakespeare, William, Thompson, Ann, Taylor, Neil 2006

        Book Recommended Recommended single volume edition of the play

      2. English renaissance drama - Womack, Peter 2006

        Chapter Recommended A pdf of the short chapter (pp. 163-67) on Hamlet is available in the ESH101 QMplus area under the 'Hamlet' topic - or, open the entry here and follow the URL link, which will download the pdf for you

      3. Shakespeare, Hamlet: Norton eBook Reader

        Webpage Optional You may have to sign in to the Norton online area using the code from your hard copy to view this e-book edition of the Norton Hamlet.

      4. Hamlet - Branagh, Kenneth, Shakespeare, William, , 2007 (dvd)

        Audio-visual document Optional Branagh's film version uses the full text.

      5. Hamlet - Olivier, Laurence, Shakespeare, William, Two Cities Films 2003 (dvd)

        Audio-visual document Recommended The Olivier film version of Hamlet: old-fashioned but recommended!

      6. Hamlet - Shakespeare, William, Hibbard, G. R. 1987

        Book Optional An alternative single-volume edition of the play

      7. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - Shakespeare, William, Edwards, Philip 1985

        Book Optional An alternative single-volume edition of the play

      8. Hamlet (2009) [DVD]: David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, dir. Gregory Doran:

        Audio-visual document Recommended Recommended film version of David Tennant's stage performance as Hamlet.

      9. Hamlet - Doran, Gregory, Tennant, David, Stewart, Patrick, Downie, Penny [2010 (dvd)

        Audio-visual document Recommended Recommended film version of RSC production of the play, with David Tennant in the title role.

      10. Hamlet RSC 2008 (BBC 2009) - David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, Penny Downie. Act 1, Scene 1.

        Audio-visual document Recommended Watch a preview of act 1 scene 1 in the BBC's filmed 2009 version of the RSC 2008 production of Hamlet, starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart

    4. WEEKS 8 and 9: HENRY IV PART ONE 5 items
      1. The first part of King Henry IV - Shakespeare, William, Weil, Herbert, Weil, Judith 1997

        Book Recommended This is the recommended single-volume edition to aid further study should you wish to consult one in addition to the Norton. There is a link to Amazon as well.

      2. The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare's history plays - Hattaway, Michael, Cambridge University Press 2002

        Book Recommended Includes a chapter on the two parts of Henry IV

      3. Norton eBook Reader: Henry IV part one

        Webpage Optional To consult the Norton e-book of 1 Henry IV you may have to log on to the Norton site using the code provided in your hard copy of the book.

      4. Shakespeare: Henry IV Part 1 (Opus Arte: OA1076D) [DVD] [NTSC]

        Audio-visual document Recommended This DVD of the 2011 production of Henry IV part one, starring Roger Allam as a brilliant Falstaff, will be released on August 1 2012, and will be acquired by the library as soon as possible thereafter.

      5. Shakespeare: Henry IV Part 2 (Opus Arte: OA1077D) [DVD] [NTSC]

        Audio-visual document Optional This DVD of the 2011 Globe production of Henry IV part 2 will be released on 1 August 2012, and is an optional accompaniment to the DVD of the first part

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