1. Where the work is published 2 items
    1. Mapping Contemporary Cinema

      Website Essential The website for the module on which work will be published if it meets the required standard.

    2. Film Matters Magazine | Future Film Scholars

      Website Essential This is an undergraduate journal of film studies. The best work produced on Mapping Contemporary Cinema and its feeder modules will be considered for submission to Film Matters, which has a regular Mapping Contemporary Cinema feature column.

  2. Editing essentials 3 items
    The links here are essential to use as you undertake the work of editing; see also the relevant section on QM+ which includes the MCC style guide and film note template.
    1. The Purdue OWL: MLA Style

      Webpage Essential All work published via MCC and Film Matters uses the MLA style; this is a useful website that can help when troubleshooting issues related to referencing.

    2. Citation Machine

      Webpage Recommended This website can be useful if you're struggling to figure out how to format an unusual citation using the MLA style. | Edit notes and importance

  3. Other material relevant to editing 11 items
    1. New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors September 23, 2005


    2. Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style

      Webpage Recommended A succinct and clear summary of the basics of written English.

  4. Other style guides are available 4 items
    Mapping Contemporary Cinema has its own (short) style guide but you might be interested to browse alternatives, especially when further developing your own writing style.
    1. The complete plain words - Gowers, Ernest, Fraser, Bruce 1973

      Book Recommended

  5. Discussion pieces 14 items
    The material here will be fed into our weekly discussions of what writing is and how it can be undertaken to a high standard.
    1. Writing tools: 50 essential strategies for every writer - Clark, Roy Peter 2006

      Book Essential We will be listening to a podcast of parts of this book in class as a focus for discussion. You can download the whole podcast yourself if interested.

    2. The politics of writing - Romy Clark, Roz Ivanič 1997

      Book Recommended Material from this book will structure discussion at numerous points. Handouts will be made available.

    3. The editor's dilemma 2 items
      1. Times Higher Education - Unexpurgated version

        Webpage Recommended A short discussion of the difficulty of articulating someone else's point of view via their writing.

    4. The perils and pitfalls of academic writing 4 items
      1. A 'Bad Writer' Bites Back - Op-Ed -

        Webpage  Judith Butler defends herself from accusations that her writing is dense and impenetrable. Useful in our discussion of, and commitment to, clarity above all else.

    5. Writing about film 6 items
      1. A short guide to writing about film - Corrigan, Timothy 2010


  6. Possible topics/issues for short guides 28 items
    1. International Film Guide

      Website Recommended You are encouraged to write a short guide to a national cinema which is not well known. It should have a contemporary focus.

    2. Art of the Title

      Website Recommended Title sequences

    3. | Site Information

      Webpage Recommended Unseen films/films that don't get watched

    4. Puzzle films: complex storytelling in contemporary cinema - Warren Buckland 2009

      Book Recommended Puzzle films

    5. Irony, nihilism and the new American 'smart' film - J. Sconce 01/12/2002

      Article Recommended Smart cinema

    6. Journal of contemporary cinema

      Journal  A review of this journal and its definition and coverage of the contemporary

    7. Welcome To Duke University Press

      Webpage Recommended The concept of useful cinema is a gaining traction in film studies and could form the basis of a short guide.

    8. Bastard culture! how user participation transforms cultural production

      Webpage Recommended Technology is changing the way viewers/users interact with films/texts and this has a strong influence on contemporary cinema.

    9. Can a Film Change The World? - TIME

      Article Recommended Short guide to 'filmanthropy' anyone?

    10. CINEMETRICS — film data visualization

      Website Recommended Data-mining and infographics are opening up new ways of analysing film. This would make a really interesting topic for a short guide.

    11. Book Details | Rutgers University Press

      Webpage  Short guide to the contemporary 'unwatchable'?

  7. Websites focusing on issues in contemporary cinema 8 items
    1. Senses of Cinema

      Website Recommended An on-line film journal that covers an eclectic mix of subjects and national cinemas, and with some focus on contemporary issues.

    2. : home

      Website Recommended David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson's site; various but with lots of great stuff on contemporary films and contemporary happenings in film studies.

    3. Electric Sheep Magazine - A Deviant View of Cinema

      Website Recommended An itinerant and off-beat look at the cinema. Always thought-provoking, if occasionally a little too hip for its own good.

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