This list relates to the year 2014-2015 Academic Year which ended on 31/08/2015
  1. Session two -- welcome! 1 item
    1. Welcome to the electronic reading list for the second session of GEG4106 Reinventing Britain


      In today's session we cover several significant themes and issues; therefore there is plenty of reading for you to get your teeth into! Extending understanding of the issues dealt with in the lecture through reading  will provide useful context for the field trip and associated assessments. It will also be valuable in relation to your coursepaper on the North South divide.


      The issues that we are dealing with are also very topical. Keep an eye out for material on themes such as housing, credit and debt in newspapers and serious on-line media outlets. If you like exploring data on these issues (perhaps of use for course papers?), then I suggest that you become familiar with the Office for National Statistics. They publish lots of reports and data sets relevant to our module:


      If you have any suggestions of material that should be added to the reading list, or purchased by the library, please let me know!


      Alastair Owens


  2. Week Two: Money, Money, Money! Structural Economic Change and the Geographies of Finance, Consumption and Debt 56 items
    We begin this session with a brief discussion of the ‘knowledge economy’. Drawing upon your research and reading, we will define it, think of the possible benefits of having an economy based on knowledge, and consider some of the critiques and limitations of the idea. Keeping this discussion in mind, the remainder of the session will focus on the growth of Britain’s service sector, examining in particular the importance of financial and business services to the British economy. The lecture will consider the uneven geography of service sector development and emphasise the varied nature of work within a broadly defined sector. Two examples of service sector employment will be examined in more detail – finance (associated with London and the South East) and call centres (a form ofemployment now found in many regions, but often associated with peripheral and former industrial areas). In the second part of the session we explore the growing importance of consumption – often underpinned by credit – for Britain’s economy and society. It covers a range of theme including consumption and ‘the affluent society’; the importance of housing consumption; the growing supply of credit for mortgages and personal lending; the problems of excess consumption and levels of indebtedness. We will note how many of these issues have distinctive geographies – for example, house prices have risen and fallen at different rates across the country; not all communities in Britain have access to credit and other financial services. The problem is ‘financial exclusion’ is one that we touch upon, but which could usefully be further researched via your reading.
    1. Services and the Knowledge Economy 8 items
      1. The economic geography of the UK - Coe, Neil M., Jones, Andrew M. 2010

        Book Recommended Read Chapter 11 by James Faulconbridge (pp. 153-165) and Chapter 4 by John Allen (pp. 49-60) Chapter 5 by Shaun French, Karen Lai and Andrew Leyshon (pp. 61-72)

      2. Services and space: key aspects of urban and regional development - Marshall, J. N., Wood, Peter A. 1995

        Book Optional

      3. The polycentric metropolis: learning from mega-city regions in Europe - Hall, Peter Geoffrey, Pain, Kathy 2006

        Book Optional

      4. Service worlds: people, organisations and technologies - Bryson, J. R., Daniels, P. W., Warf, Barney 2004

        Book Optional

      5. Knowledge, space, economy - Bryson, John R. 2000

        Book Optional

    2. Geographies of finance and financial services 12 items
      1. The economic geography of the UK - Coe, Neil M., Jones, Andrew M. 2010

        Book Recommended Read Chapter 4 by John Allen (pp. 49-60) Chapter 5 by Shaun French, Karen Lai and Andrew Leyshon (pp. 61-72)

      2. A United Kingdom?: economic, social and political geographies - Mohan, John 1999

        Book Optional See Chapter 7: Geographies of Money and Finance

      3. Several Key texts deal with the geography of financial services. Leading scholars in this area include Andrew Leyshon, Nigel Thrift adn Ron Martin. Dip in an out of these titles as inidicated. You might also like to browse key journals such as the Journal of Economic Geography

      4. Money, power and space - Corbridge, Stuart, Martin, Ron, Thrift, Nigel J 1994

        Book Optional

      5. Money and the space economy - Martin, Ron 1998

        Book Optional See especially Chapter 1 by Ron Martin (pp. 3-27), Chapter 3 by Jane Pollard (pp. 49-70), Chapter 5 by David Porteous (pp. 95-114), Chapter 6 by Leslie Budd (pp. 115-38)

      6. Money / space: geographies of monetary transformation - Leyshon, Andrew, Thrift, Nigel J 1997

        Book Optional

      7. Knowledge, space, economy - Bryson, John R. 2000

        Book Optional Lots here on the knowledge economy. On the finance theme see especially Chapter 9 by Jane Pollard and Andrew Leyson (pp. 142-56),

      8. An interesting take on financial geography from a banker:

      9. Financial geography: a banker's view - Laulajainen, Risto 2003

        Book Optional

      10. A couple of papers by Oxford Geographer Gordon Glark on London's financial service industries in a global context:

    3. Call Centres 7 items
      1. Taking Calls to Newcastle: The Regional Implications of the Growth in Call Centres - Ranald Richardson, Vicki Belt, Neill Marshall 06/2000

        Article Recommended

      2. Work-Life Imbalance in Call Centres and Software Development - Jeff Hyman, Chris Baldry, Dora Scholarios, Dirk Bunzel 06/2003

        Article Optional

    4. Consumption 4 items
      For more detailed discussion of the emergence of new forms of consumption see:
      1. Human geography of the UK: an introduction - Hardill, Irene, Graham, David T., Kofman, Eleonore 2001

        Book Optional Look at Chapter 9

      2. The economic geography reader: producing and consuming global capitalism - Bryson, J. R. 1999

        Book Optional See the chapters by Bocock, pp. 279-90 and Wrigley and Lowe, pp. 311-14

      3. The changing geography of the United Kingdom - Gardiner, V., Matthews, M. H. 1999 (electronic resource)

        Book Optional See the chapter by David Crouch, pp. 261-75

      4. The changing geography of the United Kingdom - Gardiner, V., Matthews, M. H., Johnston, R. J., Institute of British Geographers 2000

        Book Optional See the chapter by David Crouch, pp. 261-75

    5. Housing 5 items
      A major item of consumption intimately bound up with credit markets:
      1. The economic geography of the UK - Coe, Neil M., Jones, Andrew M. 2010

        Book Recommended Read the Chapter by Chris Hamnett, pp. 110-122

    6. Credit and financial exclusion 7 items
      We won't have time to discuss financial exclusion in detail in class. It's a theme we pick up again when we are in the North East. The following will be of interest:
      1. Walking with moneylenders: The ecology of the UK home-collected credit industry - Andrew Leyshon, Paola Signoretta, David Knights, Catrina Alferoff 2006-1-1

        Article Optional

      2. Debt and Older People: How Age affects Attitudes to Borrowing - Stephen McKay, Elaine Kempson, Adele Atkinson, Mark Crame 2008

        Website Optional

      3. Over-indebtedness in Britain - Elaine Kempson 2002

        Website Recommended

    7. Geographical perspectives on the financial crisis 13 items
      An expanding area of interest....
      1. Crises of Capitalism - RSA Animate - David Harvey

        Webpage Optional You'll enjoy this very clever animation with voice-over for leading Marxist and Geography David Harvey

      2. Spatially unbalanced growth in the British economy - B. Gardiner, R. Martin, P. Sunley, P. Tyler 29/03/2013

        Article Recommended Very latest assessment of regional inequality looking at impacts of recessionary period

      3. The economic geography of the UK - Coe, Neil M., Jones, Andrew M. 2010

        Book Recommended See the chapter by Ron Martin, 29–46, for some longer term context.

      4. Placing the run on northern rock - J. N. Marshall, A. Pike, J. S. Pollard, J. Tomaney 20/01/2011

        Article Optional

      5. Recovery Britain: Research Evidence to Underpin a Productive, Fair and Sustainable Return to Growth - Romesh Vaitilingham 2011

        Website Optional A rather dull volume published by of the the UK's Economic and Social Research Council

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