This list relates to the year 2017-2018 Academic Year which ended on 31/08/2018
  1. Week 1 5 items
    This is an introduction to the topic of study
    1. This book is gay - James Dawson, Spike Gerrell 2014

      Book  test bookmark for support ticket

    2. The Study Skills Handbook: Simplified Chinese Language Edition (Palgrave Study Skills) - Stella Cottrell 2013

      Book Essential Particularly useful for how to learn how to effectively note take

    3. Gray's anatomy for students - Richard L. Drake, Wayne Vogl, Adam W. M. Mitchell, Henry Gray 2014

      Book Essential

    4. The study skills handbook - Stella Cottrell 2013


    5. Business Analysis - Tony Jenkins, Keith Hindle, Craig Rollason April 21, 2006 (Paperback)


  2. Week 2 example 4 items
    This is a further study into the topic and is useful for when you xxxxxx
    1. Study skills for international students - Kathleen McMillan, Jonathan D. B. Weyers 2011

      Book Recommended

    2. The democratic and the authoritarian state - Marcuse, Herbert 01/01/1964


    3. Critical thinking skills: developing effective analysis and argument - Stella Cottrell 2011

      Book Optional

    4. EJP - ProQuest - Emma Dodd

      Webpage Recommended Very useful for assignment 3

  3. Week 3 2 items
    A further example of how the argument for Brexit is
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