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20th Century Art (F) ULC213 Module
Advanced French Grammar and Expression (F) ULL200 Module
Advanced French Written and Oral Discourse (F) ULL300 Module
Advanced Translation from English to French (F) ULL311 Module
Advanced Translation from French to English (E) ULL312 Module
Centrality and the City ULP5982 Module
Climate Politics ULC230 Module
Contemporary Theory 3: Thinking the Anthropocene ULC336 Module
Contemporary Theory I: Critique ULC334 Module
Contemporary Theory II: Crisis ULC335 Module
Doing International Politics (1): Theories and Actors POLP101 Module
Doing International Politics (2): Methods - Giving an Account of International Actors POLP201 Module
Doing International Politics (3): Practices - The Nation-state as a Global Practice POLP301 Module
Economics for Business ULB017 Module
Encountering the City: Historical Enquiry in Action ULP5993 Module
European Business Context ULB244 Module
Exiles and Outsiders ULP5985 Module
Extreme City: Paris in the Age of Climate Change ULC400 Module
Fin de Siècle II: Politics and Ideology ULC304 Module
Final Year Research Dissertation (E/F) ULC329 Module
France, Britain and Empire: Comparative and Connected Histories ULC234 Module
French Colonialism in North Africa (E) ULC313 Module
French Grammar and Written Expression ULK201 Module
French Society Through Musical Films ULC318 Module
Fundamentals of Management ULB001 Module
Gender and Sexuality (F) ULC212 Module
Histoire et Histoires: Social, Political and Cultural Issues from the Revolution to the Present Day (F) ULC110 Module
History and Memory I: Narratives of Nation (F) ULC214 Module
Interpreting the City: Cultural Constructions and their Material Effects ULP5994 Module
Introduction to Cultural Studies ULC150 Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship ULB300 Module
Introduction to French Linguistics (F) ULC201 Module
Introduction to Global Cinema ULC235 Module
Introduction to International Politics POLP106 Module
Introduction to Translation ULK202 Module
Introduction to Translation (F&E) ULL210 Module
Issues in Contemporary French Politics ULC140 Module
Learning Lab: Field Experience (Actors) POLP102B Module
Learning Lab: Field Experience (Practices) POLP302B Module
Learning Lab: Field Experience (Sites) POLP202B Module
Marketing ULB011 Module
Oeuvres: Critical Approaches to Literature and Visual Arts (F) ULC100 Module
Oral Communication Skills ULK200 Module
Paris in the Nineteenth-Century Imaginary (E) ULP5989 Module
Performing Environmental Justice ULC337 Module
Politics and Fiction ULC231 Module
Postcolonial Fictions in the City of Paris ULC333 Module
Principles of Financial Accounting ULB138 Module
Queer Politics in Contemporary France ULC232 Module
Republicanism in France I: 1789-1914 (F) ULC310 Module
Research Design and Methods ULP5995 Module
Screening the City ULP5986 Module
Searching for Modernity: Political Thought from the Ancien Régime to the 19th Century ULC237 Module
Sites of International Politics POLP203 Module
Social Movements and the Politics of Protests ULC236 Module
Text and Image in Mass Culture ULC233 Module
Trauma and Transmission: Holocaust Afterlives (E) ULC326 Module
Variation, Contacts and Ideologies in Contemporary French ULC317 Module
Visual Imagery and Mass Culture (F) ULC223 Module
Writing the City (F) ULC307 Module
Written and Oral Expression ULL100 Module

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