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A3T1 MSc Molecular Pathology and Genomics NS_CANC_A3T1-A12 Module
A3T3 MSc Cancer Therapeutics NS_CANC_A3T3-A12 Module
Ablative Therapy CANM905 Module
Basic Pathology CANM915 Module
BCI Research Students NS_CANC_W3ZF Module
Biological Therapies CANM907 Module
Bowel Anastomosis Skills CAN7025 Module
Bowel Anastomosis Skills CAN7014 Module
Cancer & Clinical Oncology - 2016-17 NS_BCI_CCO Module
Cancer & Molecular and Cellular Biology - 2016/17 NS_BCI_CMCB Module
Cancer & Molecular Pathology and Genomics - 2016-17 NS_BCI_CMPG Module
Cancer & Therapeutics - 2016/17 NS_BCI_CT Module
Cancer Biology CANM902 Module
Cancer Immunology CANM941 Module
Cancer Pharmacology CANM903 Module
Cancer Prevention and Screening CANM912 Module
Drug Development CANM906 Module
Endoscopy Skills CAN7006 Module
Genomic Approaches to Cancer CANM940 Module
Genomic Approaches to Human Diseases CANM920 Module
Imaging CANM908 Module
Immunity and Infection CANM942 Module
Introduction to Bioinformatics CANM933 Module
Laparoscopic Procedure Skills CAN7022 Module
Laparoscopic Procedure Skills (Cholecystectomy) CAN7005 Module
Laparoscopic Skills CAN7020 Module
Laparoscopic Suturing Skills CAN7004 Module
Laparoscopic Suturing Skills CAN7021 Module
Laparoscopy Skills CAN7001 Module
Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics CANM921 Module
Molecular Pathology of Solid Tumours CANM924 Module
Molecular Targeted Therapies and Immunotherapy for Blood Cancers CANM935 Module
Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology CANM911 Module
Pathology of Cancer CANM909 Module
Quantitative Cell Biology CANM943 Module
Research Lab Skills CANM938 Module
Research Methods CANM937 Module
Research Methods CAN7023 Module
Research Methods CAN7007 Module
Research Skills and Sciences CANM901 Module
Site Specific Tumour Treatment CANM904 Module
Translational Immunology - Project 1 CANM944 Module
Translational Immunology - Project 2 CANM945 Module
Translational Immunology - Project 3 CANM946 Module

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